Son of Scott & Charlene

Tim Phillipps will play the son of Scott and Charlene on Neighbours -the second time he has played a character on the show.

2014-04-20_003826-year-old Adelaide-born actor Tim Phillipps will play Daniel Robinson, son of Scott and Charlene on Neighbours.

He will debut as the son of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s characters on the ELEVEN soap on Tuesday April 29. The show’s most famous couple departed the series in 1989.

Phillipps’ CV includes Animal Kingdom, Underbelly, Home and Away, Rush, Bed of Roses, and US shows Once Upon a Time. The Secret Circle and The Cheerleader Diaries.

It’s also a case of coming full circle for Phillipps who appeared in Neighbours in 2007 as Fox Cameron, following a talent search.

So secretive has his identity been that even call sheets on the set haven’t detailed his name, for fear of it leaking to media.

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  1. It’s in next week’s TV Week too. I’m looking forward to Scott & Charlene’s son joining the show. Hopefully he can have a calming influence on Paul, he’s been acting a bit psycho since Kate died, acting as if he’s the only one who loved her.

  2. Ofcourse it would have been more realistic if Zeke turned out to be gay, in the recent storyline. Instead he marries someone, the first time she is seen. crap storyline, hopefully they’ll amend it.

  3. @carta & Lyn

    Thanks for the clarification. I don’t watch neighbours so I didn’t look that closely at the ad. Just knew that a new character being Scott and Charlene’s son was being introduced from the ad.

  4. There had been some speculation on Neighbours forums for about a week that Tim Phillipps would be playing Daniel Robinson. Stefan Dennis in an interview said that he had worked with the actor once before and after some clever detective work, it had been uncovered that Tim was being followed by some Neighbours cast and crew on Twitter since January.
    Ten did a good job keeping it secret this long to make this big announcement today but with social media it’s really hard to keep anything secret these days.

  5. tvf – they only show him arriving from behind – they’ve gone to a lot of trouble to keep his identity a secret, and they succeeded in doing so until they wanted to reveal the news themselves.

  6. @hotgoat

    I don’t watch neighbours but I recall previews late last week on either ten or eleven (can’t recall) showing his arrival. Its not new news.

  7. I don’t remeber his previous role, but i wasn’t a fan of episodes cica 2007. Looks good and its been good that they’ve been able to keep it a surprise ‘tll closer to his airdate, I appreciate that and wish it would happen more.

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