The Tipping Points: Oceans – The Last Frontier

2014-04-19_1234NITV has been screening documentary series, The Tipping Points, hosted by polar explorer, climate journalist and Mt Everest adventurer, Bernice Notenboom.

She looks at the critical tipping points in our climate system, and where these environmental changes are occurring.

The final episode this Sunday is skewed to an Australian outlook – exploring how climate change is affecting Australia through not only scientific findings but also the Indigenous elders voice and experiences.

Bernice is joined by Australian indigenous environmental ambassadors, Narelle Long and Malcolm Lynch, the first indigenous young peoples to journey to Antarctica, as she travels across the South Pacific to look at how oceans play a major driving role in our changing climate system. Together they explore the changes being experienced by Indigenous people living in the far North of Australia where generations of families who have lived off the oceans, and the land, are now facing a whole set of new challenges – sea level rise, ocean acidification, health issues, changing eco–systems, hunting cycles, and loss of land.

Together with Indigenous Elders and leading Australian scientists, Bernice, Narelle and Malcolm set out on an expedition from Hobart to the Tiwi Islands, the Daly River to the Great Barrier Reef, to explore the changing climate system and ask the vital questions – what is really happening below the crystal blue waters and is our ‚sun-surf-sand‛ way of life under threat?

Sunday, 27 April at 8.30pm on NITV.

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