Update: Suits, Revenge, Resurrection

Keep your eye on your favourite Seven show or you may miss where it is next week.

revenge-midseason-finale.jpgSeven has made a few switcheroos in its schedule next week.

House Rules airs Sunday – Wednesday, at varying lengths of 75 – 90 mins.

Next Monday night Revenge will be a double episode from 9pm. This pushes Suits back to 11pm in Sydney and Brisbane, which is the same time it aired last night.

Because Talking Footy screens at 11pm in other states, Suits now screens at midnight in Melbourne and other cities (as per last night).

Parks and Recreation is out.

On Tuesday a double Resurrection airs from 8:45pm followed by Parenthood and Smash.

On Wednesday The Blacklist begins at 8:45pm followed by Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Defiance.

On Thursday there are two Intelligence episodes from 8:30pm then Women Behind Bars Update: Parks and Recreation is now out.

Feels a bit like Seven is shoring up the early part of the week against The Voice and MasterChef but burning off Intelligence later in the week before interest wanes.

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  1. Thanks David for the update. This is why this site is a necessity these days. That and checking the EPG daily for some channels if you plan to watch them. Although too bad television hasn’t yet worked out that in the 100% digital TV age the literate audience is capable of looking at the EPG and understanding it. As long as it is accurate.

    Also as mentioned if there is an accidental stuff up with it: that can be understandable. Technology and humans together can have problems. If they try to minimise it then it is alright. If it is permitted to be admitted as someone with a minimal computer graphics phobia the EPG is harmless to me. I find it to be very useful sometimes when the Networks want them to be. Sometimes it is the only reason why I watch some channels.

    I hope I will be allowed to watch something or more next week on the Seven Network. But I won’t assume I can.

  2. Does pre-recorded show like House Rules really have to go 15 minutes over? Do they just have too much good content to pack each episode? This sort of contempt 7 has for their audience is staggering and I really hope it bites them in the long run!

  3. With the voice expected to lead ch 9 with winning ratings i see why ch7 is reprogramming. It is a smart move in my eyes. Keep channel nines ratings figure low even if they have moderate success with shows competing with the voice.

  4. Thanks for the update. I usually check the EPG every week for these anomalies, however your blog makes it easier to keep track of. I still miss some changes if i am not vigilant, hence why i use this site so much 🙂

    I wish set start times were mandatory for the majority of content! Regulatory bodies need to do something, or be developed!

  5. I know 7 has so much content to show but these doubles are really starting to suck. Might get rid of Resurrection now, was only watching to see if anything actually happened but nothing seems to be and not sure i can be bothered taping ep2

  6. Viewers <60 tend to decline after 9:30pm Wednesday these days.

    So Seven is filling up slots multiple eps of the few dramas that people are watching leaving them less time, and DVR slots, to get acquainted with Nine and Ten's lineups

    Seven are also shoring up Wednesday by putting The Indian Doctor and Lewis on 72 which skew towards older women who don't watch their 71 Wednesday lineup.

    Seven and Nine have entered their line-ups in the EPG (TBBT new ep is 9pm Monday). But they haven't updated websites and as usual TV Fix has broken links until Nine is ready for viewers to see what is on next Monday.

  7. Thanks David, It helps to programme the PVR.

    With all these changes no longer can you set your PVR shows to record weekly as most of them change, usually later.

    12 midnight is still too late for most people.

    One saving grace if there is one is that Suits last night did not have many ads, so I was able to keep awake.

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