US remake of The Returned proceeds to series

A&E has given the green light for a US adaptation of the moody French drama that won an International Emmy.

les-revenants-51227bef50555.jpgHopefully this will be much better than Resurrection

US cable network A&E has given the green light for a US adaptation of moody French drama The Returned (Les Revenants).

A&E has approved a 10-episode straight-to-series order to the project, also titled The Returned. Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel, Lost) wrote the first episode, and will write and executive produce the series with Raelle Tucker (True Blood) for A+E Studios and FremantleMedia North America. It was previously being adapted by Paul Abbott (Shameless) but he later departed the project.

The Returned has the potential to be one of the most compelling drama series on cable, thanks to phenomenal scripts written by Carlton and Raelle,” said A&E general manager David McKillop.

The French series written by Fabrice Gobert was inspired by the feature film of the same name by Robin Campillo, and went on to win an International Emmy Award. A second season is in production.

It aired in Australia on STUDIO and SBS.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Surprised A&E are doing this, the have done Those Who Kill (original Danish) and it never gelled with the audience and they moved it to there Lifetime Movie Network And may not get renewed).

    Wonder if they will try The Returned on A&E after Bates Motel when it returns in March next year, like they did with Those Who Kill or try another day.

  2. Hope it is able to somewhat capture the atmosphere and suspense of the original LR but I won’t be holding my breath…
    Am finding Resurrection very ordinary indeed but will stick with it to see if the conclusion makes any sense at all …most probably not…

  3. I don’t think Resurrection is that bad. I’ve seen all 7 eps and, altho’ the schmaltz is a bit heavy-handed at times, I’ve found it watchable.

    It remains to be seen whether this remake will come close to the original altho’, if it ends up on channel Seven, ten times as many people will watch than did the version on SBS.

  4. I would be willing to give this a go. I gave Resurrection currently on ch7 a go, but that sucks big time. I was very impressed with Les Revenants though when it screened on SBS.

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