Andrew Denton back on television

DentonLuis_1.jpgHe quit television in 2013 but Andrew Denton makes a rare return to the small screen this week as a guest on Community TV show Famous with Luis.

Denton is interviewed by the nervous young chat show host Luis, who chats to celebrities while wearing his particularly special jumpers.

Described as “A show about famous people, by famous people, for ordinary people,” so far he has chatted to Tony Martin, Pete Smith, Jennifer Hansen, Peter Combe, Gabriel Gaté, Tottie Goldsmith and former Hey Hey cartoonist Andrew Fyfe.

This week Denton is a guest on the floral armchair, but the tables are turned, with the Enough Rope host unable to resist interviewing Luis.

Luis told TV Tonight, “Mr, Andrew Denton was a great guest but he ate all of my lamingtons.”

Denton simply said, “I will never forgive tonight.”

It airs 7:30pm Monday on Channel 31 (Melbourne).

You can see also previous Famous with Luis videos at his website.

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