Eurovision lifts SBS

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.49.04 am.jpgOn Sunday, whether locally or internationally, it was all about the singing.

The Voice and Eurovision were two of the ratings stories of the night.

The Voice may have been number one at 1.89m viewers for Nine, but Eurovision’s Final gave SBS its second best share all year (only beaten by Saturday’s numbers). While its 476,000 was lower than Semi Final 2, this was an average across a nearly 4 hour broadcast, so we need to look to the share to see how it really impacted.

Nine network share was 34.15, Seven 25.3%, TEN 15.9%, ABC 15.7% and SBS 9.0%.

Following The Voice for Nine were 60 Minutes (1.55m), Nine News (1.22m), The Mentalist (902,000) and Person of Interest (481,000).

Seven News (1.21m) led Seven then House Rules (1.06m), Sunday Night (954,000), A Place to Call Home was soft (865,000) and Mr. Selfridge (441,000).

MasterChef Australia (770,000) ranked third in its timeslot for TEN followed by Modern Family (525,000), TEN Eyewitness News (471,000), Elementary (470,000), Bondi Rescue (360,000) and The Millers (311,000).

ABC News (859,000) was best for ABC1 followed by Inspector George Gently (698,000), Restoration Home (628,000), Compass (526,000) and Midsomer Murders (384,000).

In recent years Eurovision overnight numbers have been as follows:
2014: 476,000
2013: 595,000
2012: 531,000
2011: 503,000
2010: 366,000

Without the Sunday competition, Saturday’s Semi-Final 2 pulled the bigger crowd at 561,000 and a network share of 10.5%, its best network share all year. Of Sunday’s 476,000 the audience was biggest in Sydney (155,000) over Melbourne (147,000). Elsewhere SBS World News was 159,000.

Director of Television, Tony Iffland said: “SBS has been broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest for over 30 years now and I am delighted that this has been our most successful to date.

“The popularity of Eurovision continues to grow in Australia each year and I think that is testament to the outstanding coverage our production partners Blink TV deliver, the charm and witticism of our hosts Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang, our ability to engage audiences, letting them join in the fun and spectacle of the event through social media and this year, Australia’s direct involvement in the broadcast and the wonderful performance of Jessica Mauboy.

The #SBSEurovision hash tag was also trending at number one across all three nights. The SBS Eurovision site was up 45% year on year, with 160,000 Unique Browsers overall.

ABC2’s Octonauts was best on multichannels at 234,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 11 May 2014


  1. i’m going to not watch the Eurovision semi finals next year. They kinda ruin the grand final, because then you’ve seen nearly every song, and they are so choreographed that they are exactly the same.

    Also I wish SBS would show it live to air (and they could still do the replay later) because it is so hard to avoid spoilers unless you hide in a box all day sunday.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if A Place to Call Home was promoted enough. I only watch Seven occasionally but it seems that an excellent quality Australian drama is overshadowed in the advertising department by the mediocre House Rules. Perhaps it was just a competitive night with Eurovision and Nine’s Voice inflated lineup.

  3. Julia and Sam have developed a strong double-act for Eurovision, they were again good value.

    I think SBS overplayed Jessica Mauboy’s appearance, but as a one-off I think I’ll survive. Half the fun of Eurovision for me is being able to float above all the national politics and just enjoy the madness!

  4. harrypotter1994

    Hmm very soft ratings for APTCH, wonder if thats why it didn’t get a logies Nom…everyone has forgotten about it or given up

  5. I must say Alex Perry is getting a bath on social media about his handling of RHOM reunion special last night.

    I tend to agree. He was an extremely poor choice and took sides which was not called for. He tried to level the playing field with Andrea and Lydia compared to Gina.

    Also, it left a really bad taste in my mouth that I was watching Ch7 in tears about him bagging bullies that contributed to the death of his dear friend Charlotte Dawson, yet was heading a show based on that foundation and getting involved in taking sides as part of the school yard bullying.

    Lead by example. He obviously leads with words not actions.

  6. last nights Sunday night was the saddest and possible the best piece of TV of the year. I watched both 60 mins and Sunday Night both good but Sunday Night deserved much better ratings.

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