Ex-Neighbours actress joins The Bold & The Beautiful

Ashleigh Brewer will play the niece of Eric Forrester on the US soap.

ashbrFormer Neighbours actress Ashleigh Brewer, who played Kate Ramsay, has joined the cast of US soap The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy Forrester.

Executive producer and head writer Bradley P. Bell said: “We are thrilled to introduce Ashleigh, whose poise and talent are already well known in Australia and the UK.

“Ivy is the daughter of Eric’s (John McCook) younger brother, John Forrester, who has been living in Sydney. A young, worldly designer, Ivy is brought in to work on the new Hope for the Future jewellery line.

“It won’t be long before she finds herself deeply entangled in the lives and loves of our younger generation.”

Brewer, who left Ramsay Street in December, will make her first appearance in the US in early July.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. I seldom watch Bold and the Beautiful these days but I always be grateful for it for introducing me to Barbara Crampton (Fraternity Vacation) who had played Maggie in the series.
    People have speculated whether new character Ivy is another daughter of Maggie and that I found to be very unlikely.
    It is more likely that she is the daughter of another wife of John Forrester, one that he had married after his divorce from Maggie.

  2. I still hate the way her character was killed off on Neighbours and it is odd that she would want to do another soap after spending quite a few years in Neighbours, but i wish her all the best. @J Bar, no Eric’s brother has never been seen, and yes there was another niece Jessica, I think going back to the 90s and also her mother Maggie, who would have been Eric’s sister-in Law.

  3. It’s quite an achievement for Aussie actors to keep their Aussie accents. Has Eric’s younger brother, John Forrester ever been seen? I can remember another daughter Jessica was in the show years ago.

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