House Husbands have run of The Mill

2014-05-28_2319The stars of Nine’s House Husbands gathered in Melbourne last night for their third season launch, just hours after the final scenes were filmed.

The venue was a Brunswick hotel which doubles as The Mill, a fictional hotel bought by the House Husbands this season.

In attendance were Gary Sweet, Gyton Grantley, Firass Dirani, Rhys Muldoon, Rachel Griffiths, Julia Morris, Natalie Saleeba, Ben Schumann, Georgia Flood and assorted kids.

They were joined by producers David Maher and David Taylor, Heads of Drama Andy Ryan and Jo Rooney, creators Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt, Series Producer Sue Seary plus Nine Publicity team Vic Buchan, Michelle Stamper and Terry Stuart.

“I think this third series is such a complex, interesting, emotional, teary-happy show and I think the people like it is that we’re flawed and they can see themselves in the show,” Gary Sweet told the invited crowd.

“The pub is a venture that goes through its peaks and troughs but it’s one of those things where you see how people react in real situations when they are confronted with problems. That’s when people’s real character shines through -sometimes not the best aspects of their character.”

2014-05-28_2318Julia Morris said that having Rachel Griffiths on board saw everybody lift their game.

“Side by side the symmetry is dreamy and for so many episodes there may be trouble on the screen but I can tell you there were plenty of laughs backstage. We had to gather ourselves to get grown up,” she said.

But in her gushing enthusiasm, she inadvertently dropped the F bomb.

“Excuse the language children. That never happens on set! Never!”

Gary Sweet acknowledged the resident cast and added, “Craig MacLachlan is the best fun you can have with your pants on. Darren (McMullen) is great, Lincoln Lewis brings so much joy he’s like a labrador puppy.

“But if there is an emerging star in this show it’s a young bloke called Ben Schumann. Just keep an eye out for him.”

But there was also a coy nod for the exhaustive work of writer Ellie Beaumont.

“If you blokes at Channel Nine can give her a brief holiday, that would be good,” said Sweet.

“We want her back.”

With the speeches out of the way Nine made sure the pub TV screens were then flicked over to the State of Origin game. While most of the locals weren’t so taken by the Blues’ victory, Producer David Maher could not be distracted.

House Husbands returns shortly.


  1. I’ve tried but never warmed to HH but will definitely take a look at episodes with Rachel Griffiths, she’s an excellent actor. Hopefully the producers and scriptwriters will give up the cheesy cliches and deliver some good story lines this series.

  2. HardcorePrawn

    They didn’t waste much time getting to the post-filming party.
    The House Husbands crew were still packing up their trucks at my kids’ school at about 7pm last night…

  3. Hmmm… haven’t been a big fan of HH
    It is pretty ordinary – misses the mark somehow..

    I have watched on and off in the hope it will improve but sadly it hasn’t – a bit corny and too much forced humour for my liking.

    I do like Rachel Griffiths though so will watch the new eps that she’s in.

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