Hugh Riminton: “It’s been a pleasure…”

Hugh Riminton was classy to the very end of the TEN Late News last night.

hughriNo long speeches, no tears, but Hugh Riminton was classy to the very end of the TEN Late News last night.

“And that is all from the Late News. It has been a pleasure bringing this programme to you, and from all of us here, thank you for joining us.

“Have a great weekend,” he said.

And with that he acknowledged staff who were gathered to the side as they applauded him, and themselves.


Earlier yesterday TEN Early News and TEN Morning News also signed off for the last time.

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  1. The ten network is now a laughing stock ,I have always been so sportive of it and loved the news service including wake up always found the presenters a lot more engaging etc but now I think Australia should boycott channel ten as the Cartoon Network has better programming.
    I am so disappointed and I hope all the talented presenters get jobs at real television networks .

  2. I thought all the news shows which ended on Friday signed off with a lot of class. I do feel for all the staff effected having to hit the job hunt trail again. I was one of the few who watched Wake Up and didn’t mind it, I found it fresh while still being informative, and from Friday’s show it seemed like Natarsha, James and Nula along with their various correspondence around the country and internationally had a lot of affection for one another. For me it was also great also to see Michelle Mahone back on our screens with the Wake Up team.

    I am sure we will see some of these news programs back again as the late news has been taken off before, I think 10 do the best job with their 1 hour news with Sandra and Hugh at the helm and while I am sure others will say different I like Tim Bailey (where does he get the energy) doing the weather especially when he is broadcasting with kids.

  3. I’ll admit I watch something else but I’m very sorry to hear about this including the jobs lost. If Ten can come back I do think this show should come back. To be honest I think it a bad idea for it to go away. I agree with oztvheritage. Including the point of difference as well as curiosity over what were the ratings.

  4. Peter B…Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they should lose their job. Sandra has an enormous fan base (me included) and has done, and continues to, do an excellent job. Long may she grace our screens… 😉

  5. Very surprised to see the axe taken to Ten News once again. They were working on a skeleton staff as it was. Hopefully they retain Matt Doran and Natarsha Belling, two of the best young newsreaders in the country. Hugh hasn’t been sacked – he remains reading the 5pm news with Sandra Sully. It’s only a matter of time before another ‘news revolution’ occurs and bulletins are reintroduced.

    @Peter B Sandra Sully rightfully remains unscathed as she is Ten News. She’s the most recognised newsreader in the country and does an excellent job.

  6. Another year, another purge at 10 news! And once again, Ms Sandra Sully with that most irritating of voices (like fingernails being scraped across a blackboard), emerges unscathed from it all.

  7. I would love to know if there has been a lift in ratings for tens late news since Hugh took over. Have very much enjoyed his style on the late news. They should not have axed the late news as it Gave ten a point of difference. Early and morning news getting the axe – I understand.

  8. Hugh no doubt still has his gig reading the 5PM news in Sydney with Sandra Sully, or they might put him back in Canberra as their national political correspondent.
    I feel bad for everyone who has lost their jobs, there is always a human element to consider.

  9. I wonder what Matt White will do now Ten has virtually no news shows. Maybe they are developing a new news show of some kind, but with all these cuts that seems highly unlikely. Possibly he will replace Charlie on The Project, although I don’t know how well he’d fit into that program, he’s not really a comedian.

  10. Hugh deserves much better and I’m sure he’ll get another gig on TV.

    I feel more for the behind the scenes staff, the handful of on air talent are likely to find other positions but the 100’s of other staff might find it harder.

    IMO those running TEN deserve the axe, not these people.

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