It’s Paul Fenech vs Richard Wilkins

1017657We may have new contenders for the Battle Rounds. Or maybe even a Bondi brawl sequel.

It seems Bogan Hunters‘ Paul Fenech and Today‘s Richard Wilkins don’t see eye to eye, at least according to the former.

Today Fenech told 2Day FM’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B (that’s a mouthful) that the Nine Entertainment Editor regularly snubbed him on red carpets -and he’s never forgiven him.

“He’s a stooge mate, on the red carpet for years, we were entertaining, the clown snubbed me,” Fenech said.

“Richard I swear to God if I see you bro, I’m going to come at your house and do burn outs at 2am and keep you awake. Blow up your letterbox.”

Fenech, whose Bogan Hunters is currently giving 7mate some bumper numbers, surprised the industry by winning a Logie award last month.

“Mate this feud with Richard Wilkins goes back years bro, years,” Fenech said.

“We used to turn up at the Logies years ago, putting on a show, and he’d always give us this look.

“It’s the Richard Wilkins “I can’t stand you look” and I’m never going to forgive him for it. He gives it to me every time I see him, so there’s an ongoing feud with me and Richard.

“I don’t care if he’s sixty, I swear to god Richard just look out bro!”

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, Wilkins tells the Daily Telegraph he’s “got some ideas for a late night show,” but is happy enough with Today.

“I’ve got a couple of ideas for late night stuff and over the years we’ve tossed a few things around,” Wilkins said, “But look on balance I’m pretty happy”.

“David Gyngell is someone that I really respect and the loyalty that he’s shown to me has been second to none.”

Gyngell may yet need to show him how to put up his dukes.

Via: News Corp


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