Reality contestants defend, “It’s only TV!”

Several media stories on Reality TV contestants illustrate the good, the bad and the ugly.

tvo3-bat-day1-6068Various stories are emerging today of Reality TV contestants being subjected to negative social media comments.

The Voice contestant Louise van Veenendaal (pictured, right) broke down during a radio interview with Sea FM on the Sunshine Coast after conceding she had read criticism on Twitter after her coach will.i.am chose her over Jayde Grey.

One is even being referred to as a ‘death threat.’

“Wow got my first i’m gunna get you message ! Really? that’s a lil scary!! Its TV GUYS!!! love!!” she posted on Twitter earlier today.

Meanwhile Tasmanian House Rules contestant Grant says his partner Brooke is nothing like the villain she has been made out to be on television. He said the show’s creators only showed her in difficult situations or during times when she needed a rest.

“I’m happy with the way I’ve come across but they’ve definitely shown Brooke in the wrong light – that’s not how she is in her everyday living,” he told AAP.

“Yes she did say all those things … but they are not showing when she was working or when she was helping the other teams or when she was working hard as you do to get the house finished.”

“We can’t say it doesn’t (put a downer on having been on the show), absolutely it does, but at the end of the day we’re thick skinned, as long as it doesn’t affect the kids.

Meanwhile Vikki and Helena, who had criticise their depiction in MKR, now have a book deal and are sounding more upbeat.

“We’ve already won in our eyes because of all the teams, we were the only ones who got a book deal,” they said.

“We took (MKR) seriously but we had so much fun and we were lucky to get the chance to experience that.”

Source: The Australian, Daily Mail, News

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  1. Scripted, contrived, is it real, Some people have got the sense not to watch such programs, but unfortunately the LCD reign, and we have to wait for our shows……sometimes after 12 midnight….Seven…..Suits.

    At least TEN show “The Good Wife” at a reasonable hour we do not have to wait until after”Talking Footy” for goodness sake before we see Suits.

  2. Just wondering at what point people signing up for these reality shows are going to get a grip on the fact that they will become ‘characters’ in the show and their role will be dictated by the producers and not by who they really are?

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