Sex Before Soccer on World Movies

‘Sex Before Soccer’ has long been (cheekily) associated with the SBS acronym, and now World Movies channel, which is SBS-owned, is taking the literal approach.

It will screen international films for 5 weeknights nights in June from countries competing in the World Cup, culminating in a marathon on the Saturday.

Many films will be screened for the first time on Australian television.

Monday 2 June 9.30pm
The Exterminating Angels (Mexico, 2006) – Australian Television Premiere

Monday 2 June 11.15pm
Artificial Paradises (Brazil, 2012)

Tuesday 3 June 9.30pm
Little Thirteen (Germany, 2012) – Australian Television Premiere

Tuesday 3 June 11.10pm
Kelly + Victor (UK/ Ireland, 2012)

Wednesday 4 June 9.30pm
28 Hotel Rooms (USA, 2012) – Australian Television Premiere

Wednesday 4 June 10.55pm
2 Plus 2 (Argentina, 2012)

Thursday 5 June 9.30pm
Visitor Q (Japan, 2001) – Australian Television Premiere

Thursday 5 June 11.00pm
Hemel (Norway, 2012)

Friday 6 June 9.30pm
Felicity (Australia, 1978) – Australian Television Premiere

Friday 6 June 11.05pm
Young and Wild (Spain, 2012)

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