Speaker TV goes national on Community TV

GTM201.jpgCommunity TV show Speaker TV, which has been airing on Melbourne’s C31 for the past four years, has gone national this month.

The show spotlights artists and musicians, both large and small.

Independent production company Department of the Future (DOTF) has interviewed Public Enemy, Lorde, London Grammar, and Arctic Monkeys, and covered festivals and events, including St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Falls Festival, Future Music Festival, Big Day Out and Groovin’ the Moo 2014.

Executive Producer, Ivan Gomez says: “Since the community networks switched to digital, we’ve noticed a steep increase in accessibility. Being on community networks nationwide, allows Speaker TV to hold a primetime slot, giving our audience an alternative to the standard primetime rubbish that they’re just not into. Community channels have broader access and fewer restrictions than pay TV and commercial networks, which means that Speaker TV stays genuinely independent and authentic – which is why our audience loves it.

Speaker TV is one of C31’s most popular programs, and is considered as a flagship program of the station. We are always impressed by the high profile guests that appear on the show. There is nothing quite like it on Australian Television today!” – Caitlin Jolly, Programming Manager at C31 Melbourne and Geelong.

Friday 9.30pm

TVS Sydney
Saturday 10pm

C44 Adelaide
Monday 8.30pm & Tuesday 5am

Tuesday 9.30pm

31 Digital Brisbane
Tuesday 9.30pm & Friday 9pm

Face TV New Zealand
Thursday 7.30pm

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