TEN out of World Cup news pool

2014-05-26_0203TEN has withdrawn from satellite costs to cover news footage of the FIFA World Cup, pooled with Seven, Nine, ABC, SBS and Foxtel.

The move has angered other broadcasters, who will now have to shoulder increased costs.

TEN told The Australian it was more cost effective to email the footage than to send it via satellite.

“That leaves a really bad taste in everyone’s mouth,” said one rival news executive.

The move may impact on networks sharing pooled news footage, which has been tradition in the industry.

Last week TEN announced sweeping cuts to its News department, which will impact on its capacity to cover local news at current levels.

Last week Peter Meakin questioned whether TEN now needs ”an admiral when they don’t have a fleet’.”

One source added, “There’s nothing of value TEN can offer us now, so news coverage will come down to Seven, Nine and the ABC.”


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Network TEN is in the hole no way out from here unless they are bought out by News Corp. Anyway this latest move makes sense. It shouldn’t have come to this but it has. This is the only thing they could do, besides it wont be long untill the other networks do it too.

  2. Bottom line is, my teenage children don’t watch TV at all, everything they witness is online. Why should Ten or indeed the rest pay for what is a dying medium.

  3. Seven, Nine and the ABC have News stitched up.
    Ten can’t compete in the mornings or in prime-time against them. There just isn’t room for a 4th player anymore — welcome to the digital age. Ten has to get out of serious news. Ten will face costs for that and have to make other local content to meet their licence, but in the long run they just can’t afford it.

    Why would you expect Ten to continue to contribute to pool arrangements that are no-longer of any benefit to them and just subsidise their competitors to beat them up?

  4. With only the 5pm bulletin & The Project now, no need for a live feed, no rush to get footage for an upcoming bulletin, will just be a daily wrap of the previous days highlights.

  5. “TEN told The Australian it was more cost effective to email the footage than to send it via satellite.”

    I have a better idea. Lift footage off YouTube and Facebook for free. Oh wait, they already do that…

  6. A progressive move by Ten. They are not saying that they will not be taking the pooled news footage, just not taking it via satellite.

    They have an investment in large file transfer system such as aspera that can get the footage back to Sydney in the required time. Its not like they are going to be sending an email via outlook with an WMV attachment.

    With the cost cutting occurring, it makes sense to utilise newer and cheaper technology over older and sometimes more expensive services

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