The Voice launch hits high note of 2.16m

Ratings: The Voice launches above the 2 million viewers mark, on a strong night for Nine and Seven.

_DSC7679.jpgThe Voice has launched above the 2 million viewer margin for its third season, scoring 2.16m viewers.

The show was more than a million viewers ahead of its timeslot competition, with 722,000 viewers in Melbourne and 622,000 in Sydney.

Nine Network won the night with a 33.6% share, but Seven still managed a good share of 31.4% thanks to Seven News and a good debut by The Killing Field. Last night The Voice, The Killing Field and Real Housewives of Melbourne were all trending on Twitter.

ABC was 15.8%, TEN 12.7% and SBS 6.3%.

Next for Nine was 60 Minutes (1.4m), then Nine News (1.17m) and The Mentalist (551,000 / 450,000).

Seven News (1.45m) was best for Seven then The Killing Field (1.17m), House Rules (1.01m), Sunday Night (995,000). Malcolm Naden: Australia’s Most Hunted was 289,000.

ABC News (873,000) led ABC1 followed by Inspector George Gently (701,000), Restoration Home (628,000), Compass (541,000) and Midsomer Murders (388,000).

Modern Family (539,000 / 509,000) topped TEN then Elementary (481,000), TEN Eyewitness News (414,000), Bondi Rescue (327,000) but disappointing numbers for The Millers (314,000 / 294,000). The Graham Norton Show was 301,000.

In a rare move an SBS 2 show, A League Final (301,000 / 223,000), outstripped all those on SBS ONE: Carthage’s Lost Warriors (213,000), Life on Us (192,000) and SBS World News (169,000).

SBS 2 topped the multichannels with the A League Final.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 4 May 2014


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  1. Partly in agreement with you tvaddict about the producers, but they don’t tell the judges how to act in front of the cameras I’m sure, this is what annoys me, normally they are the centre of attention at different functions they attend and still think that is the same when they are judges which is completely different, they shouldn’t think that the show is revolving around them, they have had their limelight. the contestant should be the main focus.

    1. The coaches know exactly what is required of them. They know the format requires them to be animated, expressive, emotive and they while they may not fake it, they do amplify it. They are professionals after all. Numbers would suggest it is working.

  2. Not saying that Celebrities should be kept quiet in the background tvaddict, they do get paid good money for their services but that is the only reason they do these shows anyway, but in my opinion surely the show is about the contestants and what they have to offer not for the judges to steal the limelight from them.

  3. @ maxxdude … Geez, is that Red John story line still active? Haven’t watched the show for a few years but surely that storyline should have reached a conclusion by now.

  4. @MM i really don’t know why you & others bash Kylie & Delta, if you want to blame someone for them ‘hogging the limelight’ then blame the producers of the show who set it up that way. I mean what do you expect, they pay alot of $ for these celebrities to be on the show then what, they’re going to keep them quiet in the background??

    Having said that, i like Kylie so tried to watch this & as per usual with these shows on at 7.30 there were just way too many ads interrupting to make it enjoyable. Besides that somehow it just seemed really boring, like most of the reality shows, we’ve seen it all before. I think its a real mistake getting Joel & Ricky back, just feels like deja vue & i don’t like Ricky. So not worth of me pvring it to skip the ads.

  5. Some of The Voice contestants were good but the judges are so over the top and I don’t think Kyle is any better than Delta, both think they are the ants pants, why can’t they just be there to judge the talent and not try and be stupid, they just want to hog the limelight. Lost my viewing already.

  6. Um The X Factor Is way better in my opinion because the stars actually go along way like look at Samantha Jade and Johnny Ruffo both been to the top of the multiple times and you hear lots about them bur with The Voice I have never heard anything about any of the contestants from it and they go no where. Like look at One Direction they were found on The X Factor.

  7. I thought that The Voice was wonderful last night. Isn’t it great to see a show celebrate talent. The Voice’s cast offs could do well on any other talent show the standard is so good.
    Am surprised that The Mentalist didn’t get bigger numbers as it gets to the end of the Red John story line.

  8. Love the show have been a fan since day 1 Knew it would get the ratings it deserves so much better and different than the x-factor,and glad to see Kylie come onboard replacing Delta, a change is always good.

  9. The Killing Field was OK but has a long way to go if it is to become Australia’s Criminal Minds. Some of the acting was average. If the second male detective (not Peter O’Brien) was anymore wooden, he’d be used in a carving.

    I gave The Voice a miss. I guess I’ll catch all these performers when they become stars.!!!

  10. The Killing Field was a waste of two hours.

    I forgot to watch The Voice, which was weird because I watched Nine news last night as well, but turned off when the sport report came on.

  11. What would Monday be without whinging about TEN and its scheduling of Graham Norton.

    So, last night the network fast-tracked episode 5, with Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy; and the UK’s Eurovision entry.

    So, was that to promote Eurovision this coming weekend (which is on another network) or to promote the new X-Men film, which isn’t in cinemas for another three weeks?

    Seriousy TEN. I just don’t get it.

  12. The Millers is really terrible. I have watched 2 eps just to be sure. Somebody please remind me when it comes time to vote for worst show of the year. This may just help 10 to kill Modern Family.

  13. Found The Killing Fields quite disappointing – it was just OK overall.
    After a promising start it sadly couldn’t maintain the suspense/momentum.
    Found the acting pretty ordinary, with not enough depth to most of the characters.
    I generally enjoy Rebecca G in most things she’s in but not here – found her character too cold and clinical.
    Perhaps it may improve if a series is commissioned,( which looks likely due to the good ratings last night).

  14. Horrible numbers for The Millers, but it was never going to succeed.

    Holding off US content for 6 months after it originally aired in the US is simply unacceptable in the current TV landscape.

  15. Some big numbers there for The Voice.

    I have to admit, I checked it out last night. The weird desperation of the judges battling over a contestant made for some awkward viewing. I can see the appeal of it if I had kids or something.. it feels like pretty standard family viewing. But I don’t so lucky me, I don’t have to waste my time.

    House Rules has never appealed to me either, but I gave it a shot with the replays on Seven over the weekend, I only lasted about half an hour and had my fill.

    Will give MCA a chance tonight and see how it goes.

    Otherwise I’ll just happily go join the other kids in the reality fatigue sick bay..

  16. Great ratings for the voice and good that seven held their own but like has been said many times Masterchef will have its neck on the proverbial chopping block tonight but ten can blame no one but itself for its predicament. It should be starting at 7 after the project 6-7. It could have been relaunched after Easter when Charlie left but another opportunity wasted.
    Great ratings for a-league grand final combined with the fox sports total.

  17. 7 Still did brillant with such a strong performance by 9 having a ratings killer such as the voice. I personally couldnt stand the desp actions of ricky martin so i changed networks 10 minutes into watching the voice!

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