ABC Educational programming moving to ABC3

2014-06-10_1659ABC TV will move children’s educational programming from ABC1 to ABC3 next month, but extend its programming block from one to two hours.

ABC TV Education will air weekdays from 10.00am to 12.00pm on ABC3 during school terms with curriculum and learning content such as Behind The News (BTN) which airs three times a week.

The move was announced earlier this year along with ABC1 children’s programming migrating to ABC4Kids and ABC3.

“The expanded timeslots on ABC3 allow us to offer more content for both primary and secondary students in multiple subject areas. We will provide dynamic, award-winning programming that encourages curiosity, bringing learning into our lives beyond the classroom,” says Deirdre Brennan, ABC TV Head of Children’s Television.

ABC TV has been broadcasting to schools for over 40 years to 60% of all schools, including rural and remote communities. Many programs include study guides, streaming rights and further website content for students and teachers.

Earlier this year ABC indicated the changes will enable ABC1 to offer content for adults including an expanded daily edition of The Midday Report, One Plus One, ABC News: Early Edition plus drama (New Tricks, East of Everything), entertainment (Eggheads), lifestyle (Gardening Australia), arts (At The Movies) and documentary (Human Planet, Compass).

The change begins from Monday July 21st.


  1. It’s great that they continue to develop and make changes. TV influences so much on kids, future students. This kind of channels motivates them to study.

  2. Makes sense it’s a digital TV signal world. I also remember watching Behind The News at school. Although television was much more safer to watch. I hope it doesn’t affect too many people negatively.

  3. Please, please, please ABC, no more Eggheads. It’s quite possibly the most annoying quiz show on television, with it’s only redeeming feature being it doesn’t have Eddy McGuire as host. Fill the emptied timeslots with something worthwhile.

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