Bert Newton parts company with Nine

146523-bertNow there’s a headline that should never be sighted….

Bert Newton and Nine have parted ways, after his rolling contract expired, News Corp reports.

The reasons aren’t so black and white with the story claiming “his rumoured annual six-­figure retainer no longer sustainable to the financially strapped network” and that “a Nine spokeswoman maintained the decision to leave Nine had been Newton’s…”

Either way, it is a relationship that should have endured at all costs. While his performance career may be one of semi-retirement, he remains the current king of Australian television and deserves an ambassador role.

It’s not the first time he has parted with Nine, hosting his own show for Seven in 1989 ahead of a lengthy run at TEN from 1992 – 2005 for Good Morning Australia.

But he was lured back home by Sam Chisholm where he went on to host Family Feud and 20 to 1, amongst other appearances. More recently he has enjoyed stage success.

TEN could nab Bert back just in time for their 50th anniversary, but Seven probably has more coin to entice him and a more versatile suite of vehicles with which to accommodate Moonface.


  1. The Other Adam

    Bert has a fantastic sense of humor and still maintains his old fashion television grace. Always good to see him on the telly.

  2. Bert was and still is a TV icon, although I have never been a big fan personally, but the younger generation of today don’t even know who he is, so why not just enjoy life, relaxing, he doesn’t need to be in the spot light anymore unless he needs the money.

  3. Please no more Bert, he was, and still is a TV icon but there is only so much of him that people want to see now, the younger set really don’t know who he is, just retire, put you feet up and reap the rewards of life without any hassle, ..

  4. The interesting part to this story is the “financially strapped network” comment. Being saying for a while Nine regardless of its good ratings would be finding it hard to service it’s near 1 billion dollar debt. I assume there will be more good talent let go.

  5. daveinprogress

    My question is: does Bert still want to work in television? His health and family issues would have taken some toll; even though he has continued to appear on stage. I didn’t even know he has still been under contract at Nine. I can understand them not wanting to just part with money for no returns. Even if it is Mr Television. I would wheel him out every Logies night!

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