Mel B joins X Factor UK

2014-06-11_1340Mel B has signed a £1million ($A1.78m) deal to become the final judge on the UK production of The X Factor.

The former Spice Girl met with Simon Cowell two weeks ago about the job and joins with him, Louis Walsh, and returning judge Cheryl Cole who is back with a £1.5m ($2.67m) pay packet.

Mel B has two seasons of judging X Factor Australia and will appear on Nine’s upcoming series of The Voice Kids and America’s Got Talent. But she had a falling out with Seven after signing with Nine for Australia’s Got Talent, before being replaced by Geri Halliwell.

A show source told the Mirror: “Mel B was Simon’s number one choice for the final place on the panel, he was really impressed when they met up and he likes her style and what she was saying she can bring to the show in their meeting.

“She is certainly not a shrinking violet and will say exactly what she thinks. She will stir things and be up for a laugh which is important.”


  1. officially_k

    Well go Mel !
    The one thing she does better than most in the world is she gets people talking, for all the right reasons ! She knows how to “bring it” , and it’s also evident because she is on three of the biggest productions in the world :/ I mean look at the Aus x factor panel, how more boring can the judges get, Ronan Keating once expressed his desire to go to the British panel of the x factor but if you’re that unentertaining I doubt they’ll ever want you back !
    Well done to her 🙂 can’t wait for the voice kids !!

  2. Can’t you take her back. Thought she was awful as a guest judge on our version, a regular judge on your version and even worse on America’s Got Talent (though not as bad as Heidi Glum). She’s no replacement for the brilliant Nicole Schwhateverhernameis

  3. Think she only used the Australian show as a stepping stone as I don’t remember her doing anything for a while prior to coming to Australia, and this put her back in the limelight which has now re-vamped her career and it will be interesting to see if she does The Voice kids next time if she has committed to all the other shows, I also wonder how the father of her child who she says did not want his child to be outside the US for any period of time feels about all this jet setting or was that just an excuse for her to go to another channel that offered her more money?.

  4. At least the UK knows how great she was at judging. She was magnificent!!! I enjoyed seeing her and how honest she was 😀 I also liked how she said whatever she wanted without hesitation!!! A problem with our version is our judges are not as honest as they want to be.

  5. America’s Got Talent, The X Factor UK and The Voice Kids Australia. That is a lot of work for one person. I’m surprised she signed to The Voice Kids as we all know how much Simon hates the format but i guess its her choice at the end of the day but mixing singing franchises is a rarity that is for sure. I do think she will fit in well on the UK panel though.

  6. italianguy1987

    At least the English fans will be able to understand her god awful accent.

    As much as i loved the Spice Girls and Mel B, she had the worst accent and very thick and hard to understand.

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