Renewed: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

ABC confirms a third season for Miss Fisher following fan campaign and Logie nominations.

11mffABC has confirmed a third season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries following fan campaign and Logie nominations for the series.

Filming begins in Melbourne in mid October with Essie Davis resuming her role as Phryne Fisher.

Head of ABC TV Fiction, Carole Sklan, says, “The ABC is very happy to support a 3rd series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Essie Davis is captivating in the role of the fabulous, irreverent lady detective. The beautifully filmed series has inspired a devoted following with its charm, wit, ingenious stories and resonant social themes.

Producers Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox added, “We are elated to be bringing more Miss Fisher to our loyal fans – both within Australia and from around the world. They have provided us with so much passionate support it seems only fitting to reward them with more episodes of Essie’s virtuoso performance as our daring, cheeky and impeccably-dressed heroine, Phryne Fisher.”

The series based on the works of crime author Kerry Greenwood, has sold to more than 120 overseas territories, including USA, Canada, France, the UK and Asia and Latin America.

Last year Fiona Eagger told TV Tonight, the show may be the victim of budget cuts.

“I believe there’s a desire from the ABC for a third series, I think they’re very proud of the show. It’s got very loyal following and it’s doing outstandingly well in terms of ratings on Friday nights and overseas,” she said.

“But I think what the ABC is struggling with is that they’ve had budget cuts and they’ve got a lot of potentially-returning shows. They’ve got an embarrassment of riches.”



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  1. @ pertinax your anti-ABC rants are getting tedious. The show was never, ever “axed”. They were slow to announce a renewal after S2 finished because it’s expensive to make (for Oz) and they knew cuts were coming. Since shooting is going to be in October I’d say they have known for a little while that it was coming back but had to work out the details with Essie’s schedule etc. Can’t make it without her! Although I do hope everyone is returning – the whole cast has great chemistry.

  2. So Miss Fisher was not renewed in 2013 when there not only wasn’t a budget cut but Gillard gave the ABC extra funding for drama. Then it was renewed after there is a 1% budget cut.

    And we are supposed to be stupid enough to believe that the non-renewal was because of budget cuts? It makes more sense to claim the renewal was due to the budget cut, that at least conforms to the fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    The decision to axe their most popular drama just as it was starting to generate lots of overseas sales was an entirely ABC decision. The cuts story was trying to shift responsibility from the ABC to the Government.

    The argument that the ABC cut Miss Fisher because the Abbott Government might win a later election and reduce funding for year after the series would have been shot is even crazier.

  3. Finally, some good news on the comedy front (well, light comedy-drama) from the ABC. Please, take all of the money that you were going to give Chris Lilley to fashion another turd and give it all to Eagger and Cox.

  4. I don’t share your optimism Pertinax that the efficiency review will somehow more than make up for the 1% cut to the ABC budget. This comes on top of the funding lost from the abolition of the Australia Network and will seriously impact on all production output.

  5. @ Pertinax. Calm down, no need to get hysterical. It’s clear she was talking about anticipated cuts…

    Great news that it’s coming back. I thought S2 was even better than S1.

  6. What budget cuts? The ABC had not had a budget cut for over a decade while its funding increased continuously. The first cut is 1% for 2014/15 that will be more than funded by $40m found by the efficiency review.

    The ABC cut its hours of drama this year to in order to spend money on other more exciting projects.Miss Fisher missed out because it was just a fun show that was popular.

    Now that it is selling overseas and the ABC’s Friday night dramas are their top rating shows, they regretted the short-sighted decision. They have lost the overseas sales for 2014 eps and they are lucky Essie Davis was still available

    1. They would be the same cuts the industry had been bracing for, for months. The quote clearly indicated it was a previous remark. If the ABC and Producer had the foresight of the May budget you’ve been able to reference it probably would have been a different story.

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