How are Logie judges assessed?

Potential judges will have to declare any interest or recent employment before they pass Logies' test.

Today is the final day to lodge your interest as a Logie Awards judge if you have at least 5 years industry experience.

This year industry judges, along with public votes, will help determine most of the “Best” categories. The judging is being expanded for greater industry representation.

So how will there be fairness in the process, which is overseen by Fourth Wall.

TV Week’s editorial director Amber Giles said the judging pool would be evenly balanced.

“We are currently talking with all broadcasters and have requested 20 representatives from each,” she told The Age. “An even number of judges per broadcaster will make up the final panel across the board.”

According to Giles, there will be rules around how broadcasters judge categories featuring their own talent or programming.

“We will have checks and balances in the backend to ensure representatives from broadcasters aren’t marking their own homework with perfect scores or their competitors poorly when it is clear a show or personality meets the criteria for a fair and appropriate score,” she says.

In order to register interest as a judge, applicants must address the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Age
  • Gender
  • State
  • Capacity to judge (checks availability during judging period)
  • Previously a Judge?
  • Associated with Logie win?
  • Years in the Television industry
  • Role in the Television industry
  • Specialty areas worked in
  • Current work status
  • Most recent employer
  • Most recent job title
  • Length of employment (years)
  • LinkedIn URL or website
  • Current resume (upload)

“All judges will remain confidential as it’s important they are not sought out to be influenced by broadcasters, production companies or artists,” says Giles. “The aim is to engage with a wider range of screen experts to bring even greater gravitas to the panel, not for the panel itself to be the story or focus.”

All judges will need to vote on:

Best Lead Actor in a Drama
Best Lead Actress in a Drama
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Drama Program
Best Miniseries or Telemovie
Best Entertainment Program

Based on area of expertise and interest, judges can opt in for remaining categories.

Applications to be a TV Week Logie Awards judge close today Friday 15 March at 5.00pm AEDT.

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  1. is this a different composition to judging panels in the past? Haven’t they always been a representative sample from across the networks/industry? While the identify of the judging panel will be anonymous during the voting process, will the names of the panel members be released after the event?

  2. So to be a Logies judge you must either have a LinkedIn URL or a personal website?

    This issue must be addressed –
    Strange set of priorities.

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