Returning: Winners and Losers. Bumped: What Really Happens in Bali.

Winners & Losers returns next Tuesday with Seven's Bali ob-doc moving to Mondays.

2014-06-10_1127Season Four of Winners and Losers returns next Tuesday night with a double episode from 8:45pm.

“Coming To Terms / All Good Things…”
Convinced Doug still has feelings for her, Sophie decides to sabotage his engagement party. Bec is shocked when Ryan tells her of a new job offer and Frances buries her hurt over Zach. Adam’s parents turn up unexpectedly and Jenny’s family home may be selling.

Hustling America is out tonight but returns as a Final at 10:45pm next Tuesday.

As a result What Really Happens in Bali moves to 9pm next Monday, replacing Revenge.

With another State of Origin next Wednesday, Seven airs Coastwatch and Border Security: International from 7:30 – 9:30pm (check cities).

4 Responses

  1. Drama is back!?! I’m glad even though I don’t watch it.

    As for that NCIS statement I think Ten has a plan to put something that did well back on. I hope it works for them.

  2. @ Catherine

    There are three eps left of season 3 and I presume we will go straight into season 4 which has 26 eps. I think it will do well this year as Tuesdays on Nine are a disaster and NCIS winds up in a couple of weeks.

  3. Great finally something to watch on tuesday night in that timeslot. Hopefully it rates ok because there is no new big bang theory episodes next week.

    But im confued. There is only 3 more episodes of series 4 to go. So we see the three episodes then thats it we have to wait until next year with s5?

  4. Seven have just handed House Husbands over a million viewers next Monday with no competition. That Bali contrived reality stuff does not deserve Seven’s Monday primetime slot.

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