Rik Mayall death due to “some seizure” says friend

2014-06-11_1629Rik Mayall died of a seizure according to his former colleague, Peter Richardson.

Mayall died yesterday aged 56, but the official cause of death will likely not be confirmed until following an autopsy.

Comic Strip Presents founder Peter Richardson told BBC radio, “He was happily chatting away and it was very quick and we still don’t quite know what happened but it was a seizure of some sort.”

Meanwhile following Mayall’s┬ádeath UK fans have been campaigning to get his 2010 World Cup song to number one.

In it, Mayall recreates a speech from William Shakespeare’s Henry V.

At the time, Mayall said: “Football chants are one of the great traditions of following football, and Shakespeare is also part of our national heritage. It seemed only natural that they should go together.”

Source: Digital Spy

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