Oops. That’s some doodle, Carrie Bickmore!

carriedoNot too sure what Carrie Bickmore has been doodling during The Project but viewers copped an eyeful tonight at the end of the show.

Bickmore kept a straight face while reading a viewer response to a very serious earlier report.

It’s more likely the note was handed to her by a cheeky crew member as part of team hijinks.

One for the annual Blooper tape, or possibly TEN’s 50 Years Young special?


  1. As tweeted, Carrie had drawn the picture during the ad break and explaining that Charlie Pickering used to sign off with the same thing. She obviously forgot it was visible !

  2. If you watch the end of the show on TenPlay you will see that once the lights went down Fitzy points out the doodle to Carrie on the back of the paper and she has a huge laugh out loud. Did Fitzy just notice it or did he prank her?

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