Perennial Footy Show gives Nine another Thursday win

Ratings: MasterChef topped the demos on a quiet Thursday but Nine's Footy Show still kicks goals after 21 years.

2014-07-18_1040On a quiet Thursday MasterChef managed to top the OzTAM rankings, but only by coding its extended episode into two titles, which is a strategy increasingly used by networks to skew the numbers. TEN has become more aggressive in its techniques in this numbers game.

While the number was very good, the better achievement by the show is that both titles took top places in the Demos and perform strongly in network shares.

But the night belonged to Nine with The Footy Show in its 21st year giving Nine its seventh consecutive Thursday.

Nine network won Thursday with 28.2% then Seven 24.7%, TEN 23.9%, ABC 16.4% and SBS 6.9%.

Nine News was best for Nine on 1.15m / 1.05m, then ACA (922,000), The Footy Show (821,000), Big Bang (731,000) and Hot Seat (626,000).

Seven News (1.08m / 1.03m) led for Seven then Home and Away (886,000), Border Security: International (633,000), Million Dollar Minute (578,000) and What Really Happens in Bali (482,000). The Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You pulled 341,000.

MasterChef Australia was 1.24m / 1.05m for TEN then The Project (662,000 / 448,000) and TEN Eyewitness News (637,000). Law and Order: SVU was 518,000.

ABC News (770,000) led for ABC1 then Catalyst (697,000), 7:30 (669,000), The Time of our Lives (593,000), QI (419,000) and The Men Who Make Us Spend (365,000).

Luke Nguyen’s France (264,000) led SBS ONE followed by French Food Safari (222,000), Tour de France (184,000), The London Markets (179,000) and SBS World News (155,000).

ABC2’s Peppa Pig topped multichannels at 222,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 17 July 2014

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  1. I loathe all Footy Shows, so when I looked at 9’s lineup on Thursday and saw the Footy Show surrounded by multitudinous episodes of Big Bang and Two and a Half Men, I realised why I hardly ever watch 9.

    Is this really the best they can do? I can’t believe people really watch all that tripe.

  2. David I find your articles very informative and never biased but fair. You have been critical of all networks at some point and likewise positive on other things. You have been more than fair with TEN. Keep up the good work

  3. snap David. well done. I have to say that as a reader of this site for over a year I have never found stories to bias.
    you may have opinions that conflicts with a writer however that is not the writers fault.

    I get a little peeved when David praises 7, but hey i am a big boy and it’s because I don’t like 7. I get over it.
    Every dog has its day, after all.

  4. @tenten, you could be forgiven for thinking it because of the opening line of this article stating that TEN only managed to top the ratings of the day by using coding…
    No mention that as a 2 hour block combined and averaged… it still would have topped the ratings.
    No mention that 10’s primary bested 7’s.
    No mention that 9 and 7 couldn’t crack a mill with an ent. show… no mention at all.
    But hurrah!.. The Footy Show’s moderate 800 carried 9 to a win!

    1. And yet the day before when I trumpeted Masterchef’s best ratings all year and pushing Nine into third place, Ditto was breathtakingly silent? I have clearly acknowledged Masterchef / TEN’s strong performance in this post too, but I am also happy to acknowledge a show that is still delivering 21 years on for the network that won the night. My role as commentator is to put perspective across a landscape that is much bigger than one day. Ditto, you continue to tell me how to write my blog so that it meets your quality TEN control when it is probably time to blog your own.

    1. And the articles on Offspring or how good MasterChef has been this season, the stories on Have You Been Paying Attention, Puberty Blues, the reviews for 24 and Extant. Were they anti-TEN too? Seriously there are over 30,000 posts on this blog, let’s not get overly selective.

  5. Well can we at least have the combined channel figures for Family Feud.

    My family has been enjoying it greatly so far. Grant Denyer does an admirable job and there have been some pretty wacky families already. Perfect 6pm entertainment.

  6. To say that MC was number one “but only by coding its extended episode into two titles” is not fair given that the next two programs were also coded into two separate shows. If you average the 2 MC entries that is still higher then the average for the 9 News and 7 News hours. So MC was number one either way.

  7. pretty sure 9 and 7 coded their News shows into two half hours as well…. like everyt day for the whole year… At least masterchef is actually two episodes that appear to have been compiled together.. Much like the Big Bangs and Modern family episodes of the world..

    1. Yes Nine and Seven also split their news, just as TEN does The Project and here MasterChef. All numbers are listed, but it’s important to note what’s going on. Not a fan of any of them doing it when the EPG says otherwise.

  8. @ David Knox – how did Family Feud go? Also, can you explain how Nine reports The Footy Show’s ratings given there are different shows presented in the 8:30pm and 9:30pm timeslots based on the state the viewer is in (e.g. in NSW the NRL Footy Show airs at 8:30pm and the AFL Footy Show at 9:30pm)? Does it simply report the 8:30pm timeslot regardless of which show airs?

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