Will Jack be back for more 24?

2014-07-15_1733With 24 ending with its next episode, the next logical question will be about whether there should be more.

Mary Lynn Rajskjub, who plays Chloe, has said, “There is a lot of speculation. To me, it’s more a matter of when are they going to bring it back because it’s done well and people are excited about it.

“My hope would be that they do some more in a year so that enough time has passed. These 12 episodes have gone by really fast and fans are like, ‘We’re ready for more!’ It comes down to the producers, writers, Kiefer and everybody getting together to agree on concepts.

“I don’t think the network would have a problem.”

In the US the show premiered to 8 million overnight viewers, and has hovered around 6 million for much of its season.

Producer Manny Coto said recently, “As of now, there are no plans to continue the show next year, but we remain open to the possibility. We had a great time doing it this year and would love to take another crack at it.”

Source: Digital Spy


  1. They’d be crazy not to.

    What would be good is if they drop this whole real-time junk – they clearly gave up on it a few episodes into this season and quite frankly the plot holes it creates arent worth it. A 12 episode season set over a whole day (so 2 hours = 1 hr episode) would be better – or go the whole Under The Dome set-up with one episode = one day.

  2. i reckon there will be an annoucement will be at comic-con in san deigo, there will be a one hour panel with Kiefer Sutherland and director Jon Cassar.
    theyll be promoting bluray/dvd release also.

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