1. @David Knox @NQ Resident

    That was a Southern Cross issue. There was nothing in the broadcast log about an issue on the TEN side of things.

  2. Strange headline in The Herald Sun, “X Factor smashes the Block in the ratings”. Hardly? 1.11M v’s 1.02M is pretty close. Both figures are pretty low and nothing for 7 and 9 to be happy about.

  3. NQ Resident

    Yesterday was an interesting day for TEN. In regional Qld they started showing the TEN Melb news. After about 25 minutes they suddenly started with news from TEN Bris.

    That meant we saw the same stories twice.

    I’m not sure if Brisbane explained to the viewers what happened at the end of the bulletin as I’d turned over to get the start of local news from another channel.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    I do not watch the Big Bang Theory at all, and I can not understand why it keeps rating.

    I guess some of the watchers are staunch Channel Nine viewers and will not swap or change channels.
    Some of my friends are like that…..keep watching what their parents watched and still listen to the radio stations that their parents listened to.

    Anyway , I wonder why TEN put Jamie Oliver on at 7.30, surely they must have something better.

  5. Looks like The Morning Show is suffering a bit without Kylie Gillies this week. Mornings benefiting from TMS and Studio 10 having a main host out this week.

  6. oztvheritage

    Comm Games are great in HD on One….Hope they don’t move it back to Ten….

    And is it just me or is Charlie on The Project become really painful. Giving his opinion after every story.

    And demanding he gets his opinion heard.

    Not liking him this time around…..interesting. The ego has grown!

  7. People were skipping the auditions of The X Factor to watch the final episodes of Masterchef (what Seven used to do to Ten’s contest shows).

    In moving Glasgow from One to Ten,
    Ten gains the increase due to people who will watch the games on Ten but not One, but loses from the lower ratings for a drama on One than Ten.

    And skipping Under The Dome will probably drop a significant number of viewers.

  8. The only sure thing 9 have is The Big Bang Theory to keep the ratings going, without that they would be lost, but can never understand why people just keep watching so many repeats all the time, would have thought that viewers would be so fed up watching the same thing over and over again, talk about being creatures of habit.

  9. I agree that Comm Games on Ten from 7.30 would have been the better option post MC.

    Looks like a Jamie Oliver free zone in future – surely the ep slated for next Tuesday will be dropped on those numbers and they have done the right thing moving Under the Dome to 9.30 from next week.

    Damn BBT rated better than Arrow would have in the 9.30 slot. Can we stop watching it please so Nine does not rely on it every day.

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