X Factor slips behind The Voice, MasterChef. SBS scores with World Cup.

2014-07-15_1012The survey says viewers steered away from The X Factor last night, despite its win on Sunday night.

Last night The Voice (1.25m) and MasterChef Australia (1.04m) both pipped Seven’s talent quest in the Reality TV stakes. Seven’s decision to launch against two shows heading towards their finals appears to have cost it some viewers. Last night it had to settle for 970,000 viewers -its lowest ever audience on Seven.

TEN’s 3 x channel roadblock of a hyper¬†Family Feud pulled 690,000 viewers (individual channels have not been supplied), which the network notes is up 1/3 on the timeslot.

Elsewhere the FIFA World Cup final scored a brilliant 883,000 viewers for SBS, seemingly sending Sunrise down to just 1,000 ahead of Today.

Nine network won Monday with a 30.2% share then Seven 27.4%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 17.4% and SBS 6.4%.

Nine scored the top 4 rankings with Nine News topped the night with 1.33m / 1.23m viewers then The Voice (1.25m) and A Current Affair (1.24m). Hot Seat was 679,000, House Husbands was 534,000 and Footy Classified was 311,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News was 1.2m / 1.12m for Seven then X Factor (970,000), Home and Away (901,000), Million Dollar Minute (610,000), Anh Does Brazil (531,000). Talking Footy was 41,000 (101,000 on 7mate) in 3 cities.

ABC News (890,000) led ABC1 then Australian Story (796,000), 7:30 (767,000), Four Corners (706,000), Media Watch (633,000) and Q & A (534,000).

MasterChef Australia (1.04m) continues to serve up an audience for TEN. Family Feud scored 690,000 across TEN, ELEVEN and ONE -channel numbers have not been broken out, however last week’s 3 channels scored 529,000 for the same timeslot. Elsewhere TEN Eyewitness News was also 690,000, then The Project (603,000 / 453,000), Have You Been Paying Attention? increased (408,000) and 24 (220,000).

Germany’s FIFA World Cup win kicked goals at 883,000 for SBS ONE -just not in primetime where it would lift their share. In primetime Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature was 263,000 then Pain Pus and Poison (254,000), Tour de France (217,000) and SBS World News 151,000.

Neighbours led multichannels at 302,000.

Sunrise: 294,000
Today: 293,000
ABC News Breakfast: 72,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 14 July 2014


  1. I’m glad for Have You Been Paying Attention? As for Family Feud I was listening to the radio and it was mentioned. So it doesn’t surprise me that people tried it because they found out about it.

    With that 883,000 figure for the World Cup there is no way for just the advertising on SBS to have been the reason for people watching. As predicted it got mentioned on other channels both the News, other shows and ads. Plus on the radio again on the News and ads. As well as people commenting on it.

    Then there are the sponsors like McDonalds that mentioned it to millions of people in their stores as well as ads both TV and radio. Some things are unnecessary. But television won’t believe it. It’s very frustrating.

  2. The X factor is still in the audition stages .whilst the voice is in the finals stages . The voices ratings are way down on last year at this stage didn’t it rate near the 2 million last year now its around the 1.2 million . Big drop. The X factors ratings will only climb as they go to the live shows which is still a few weeks away .love redfo and Danni. And loved family feud on ten great move by ten.

  3. A few years ago nobody could touch channel 9 so did F.Klein say then he wished they could be brought down a peg or two, each channel has its day and 7 have been on top for a few years because they are giving the average public the programmes they want at the moment, and I am sure eventually 10 will be on top, ABC are also creeping up slowly as they have so great shows lately.

  4. Thought X Factor was brilliant again last night, although beaten by The voice, the numbers for that are not very good to say they are in the final couple of weeks, and once that has finished think X Factor will surge ahead as everyone watches shows close to the end, but still not good numbers for the finals. X factor is far superior, in fact so far it would be hard to pick a winner.

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