A Place to Call Home fans in Sunrise protest

2014-08-13_1036aAggrieved fans of A Place to Call Home took to Martin Place yesterday to let Sunrise and Channel Seven know what they think of axing the period drama.

Rain did not deter the fans, aged 21-60, some of whom have set up a new website at saptch.com with links to social media resources and petitions.

So far there are 3 petitions totalling almost 18,000 signatures.



Webmaster Peter Vernon told TV Tonight, “We created the website to provide a landing page and web presence that gave us an easy way to get people involved in the campaign to Save A Place To Call Home.

“The site provides details for each avenue available within the campaign, including Facebook, Twitter and Petitions – both online and paper and gives us a simple, easy to remember address that people can go to. It also lets people find out what’s happening with the campaign via our blog and media contacts as the campaign is gaining more recognition in the media.

“If people are not on Facebook or Twitter there’s also details on who you can write to at Seven. It’s basically a one stop shop for saving A Place to Call Home.”

In Camden where the series filmed exteriors, even the local bank has taken opportunity telling customers, “It’s OK Camden. We can help you find another place to call home with a great home loan from NAB.”

Hovering above the words is an axe….

Photo: Brett Atkins


  1. I just bought and finished watching the DVD set. What a disappointment to find it had ended. My husband and I both enjoyed watching this show. We loved the story, the cast, the characters. We need more support for Aussie dramas. I’m glad to see so many people feel the same way I do, unfortunately, the idiots in the top job have no understanding of this. We won’t wonder when they do that viewership declines further. No respect for the audience

  2. @Roaringdave
    Apologies, my mistake.
    Point remains, it didn’t “go” anywhere as @Steviem suggested, Ten played out the whole season, so his “anger” can be directed toward the producers, not Ten

  3. @ Hardmax: This is off topic a bit but I couldn’t let it pass. Did you even watch 24? Each ep covered a one hour period in real time and right at the end of the last ep they skipped 12 hours.

  4. Never watched the show but maybe Seven should have looked at overseas sales to offset the cost of production at home.
    Seems a shame that another network can’t pick it up because of it being an in house production.

  5. A Place to Call Home was getting good ratings really and they should not have stopped production as there are not many good Australian dramas on TV, shame on 7 for doing this.

  6. Good on em. The show shouldn’t have been axed in the first place. We were always told 3 seasons and Seven let us down and Seven thought this would just go away. They thought wrong.

  7. @Steviem – 24 ran out the full season on Ten in Monday nights. Live Another Day was a 12 episode season, each episode beginning with the premise the “following takes place” in a two hour period (eg. 5pm to 7pm)

  8. it can be rally upsetting when something you love goes. Can someone tell me where the hell 24 went on Ch 10 I feel ive missed half of it..so angry

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