Family Feud simulcast continues

2014-06-25_1725Family Feud will enter its fifth week of simulcasting, but only confirmed at late on Friday in Guides.

From Monday it airs once again at 6pm on TEN, ELEVEN and ONE.

The simulcast means we can’t determine its performance on a single channel. But we can look at the numbers leading into the show to get a ballpark figure.

On Thursday the show pulled 665,00 metro viewers across three channels.

On TEN, TEN Eyewitness News averaged 620,000

On ELEVEN, Beverly Hills 90210 averaged 56,000.

On ONE iFISH averaged 44,000 -a combined total of 720,000, which means Family Feud lost 55,000 viewers.

If both the ELEVEN and ONE audiences kept watching Family Feud on their respective channels that’s 100,000 viewers, hence the reason the show is staying on simulcast.

That said, even a figure of around 565,000 viewers is a vast improvement on its predecessor, Modern Family repeats. So why the need to simulcast still?

TEN appears to have painted itself into a corner. It has now run the simulcast for so many weeks that pens will be poised the minute it disappears and those numbers drop.



  1. 565,000 isn’t too bad.Besides if you think of all it’s predecessors the last few years The Simpsons,George Negus and Modern Family and none came close figures wise to the game show.As someone who watched the Eighties and Nineties versions of Family Feud I wish the network well.

  2. @jezza, the first etc. etc. – To suggest FF is an abysmal failure is absurd. Lets not forget that TV is firstly a business. If it doesn’t make money it goes broke. Not a good thing as we need competition to get good shows. TEN had to do whatever it took to survive and I do applaud them for looking outside the square. I bet you were one that laughed when they brought FF back. Sour grapes??

  3. simple solution to Ten roadblocking and forcing family fued down people’s throats …

    *change the channel
    *turn the tv off
    * If you have Foxtel, switch to one of their numerous channels ….

  4. jezza the first original one

    @ jonno ..quote…”I think Ten should be applauded for looking outside the square.”

    It is hardly looking/thinking outside the square, it is just lazy and reducing viewer choice. Everyone either tries or likes to think outside the square, the result is, quite often, a lot of dumb, very poor decisions leading to abysmal failure with the occasional spark of a truly inspired choice. FF on 3chs is the former, not the latter.

    Funny how MC worked so well for ch10 this year by going back to its origins… looking out of the square there eh?

  5. I also don’t see why people are annoyed with TEN for putting FF on all 3 channels. Against all odds they brought back this dinosaur of a show that most thought would fail. I think Ten should be applauded for looking outside the square. They put it on at 6pm, not a time slot that game shows are known for and it is surprisingly appealing to a young demo. I would not like the roadblock strategy to take hold but think TEN should be given a bit of slack because not that long ago people were suggesting the network could go under due to shocking ratings. Self inflicted, yes but we are starting to see some green shoots.

  6. It could also be argued that half of the ONE and Eleven viewers would switch to TEN if they stopped the roadblock. On the example you give, that would give FF 615k. Now if One and Eleven combined could pull 100k, that would give the whole network 700k plus. A lot better than a few months ago.

  7. It hurts me to say this but I am now not minding Grant Denyer I don’t know he’s being more himself and natural not so much putting an act on. The show is good and fun bit of light entertainment never hurts, Ch 10 is improving.

  8. I have turned off 10 at 6pm due to the road block. Disagreed with it from day dot. I turn to ABC 24 and tend to stay there until 7pm now, shame because I forget to switch back for Neighbours, and end up back on 11 for Raymond.

  9. Is it possible to add up what the 3 channels were getting at 6pm-630pm before the simulcast? I can’t imagine it would be that different. Reason being, Eleven jumps to 300000ish for Neighbours at 630. I know I switch to Eleven sometime in the previous half hour and quite enjoy a retro dose of the tail end of 90210. Surely I am not the only one?

  10. Now.see if they had The Simpsons on ELEVEN at 6pm that would get me watching after the first 12 mins of news over on Seven. But with Feud being roadblocked, I go to watch a PVR recording instead of another non TEN network program.

  11. TasTVcameraman

    I used to watch TEN news every night, then turned it off for Modern Family and caught up with the last half hour of BH 90210.
    Now I watch BH 90210 and turn to Southern Cross for the first half hour of news and then turn to Eleven for Neighbours.

    Family Feud is a turn off for me like most other game shows. I still say put the Project on after TEN news and with Rove hosting soon it could be a good thing.

  12. David why do you think numbers would drop so much? Surely if people are watching and enjoying FF and it now is avail just on Ten, why wouldn’t they just flick to Ten?

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