Family Feud: Sept 13

Family Feud this Sunday features gym owners, doctors and country music singers.

The boys are back in town! After an epic win last night, gym owner Richard Kairouz and his three sons return for a shot at Family Feud’s $100k cash prize this Sunday.

But first, they’ll need to get past the Jains. Team captain Anika has been working long shifts as a doctor in a hospital COVID ward, and Papa Jains is a self-confessed Family Feud fan. Can her experience of working under pressure and his knowledge of what the ‘survey says’ get their team one step closer to the cash prize?

And later, Golden Guitar nominee and country singer Jason Owens and his family, step up to the podium. Having supplied essentials to rural school kids through drought, fires and now COVID, will they have the skills to secure some top answers?

7:30pm Sunday on 10.


  1. I’ve been loving the show back, although I can’t help to feel the show’s lost some of its flavour given the new “coming up” segments, the much less glossy set and a very different narrator.

    Also, it seems as though it will be moving to Sundays and Mondays from next week?

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