Family Feud: Aug 23

Not convinced about the social distancing in this photo… can we please do better?

Family Feud‘s Novotny family this Sunday will face off against a quartet of Paramedics.

Making the Novotny family’s task that much harder, is having to contend with the Paramedic’s secret weapon: Olympic kayaker Jo Brigden-Jones. While Jo’s 2020 Tokyo Olympic dreams may have been put on ice, she’s got fire in her belly and is chasing Family Feud gold!

Plus, a team of medical workers from the regional town of West Wyalong join the fold. While they might have all the right moves on TikTok, will team West Wyalong have the right answers too?

Sunday, 23 August at 7.30pm on 10.


  1. to TV or not to TV

    Are the contestants not tested before appearing on the show? (Same question for The Chaser). Thought this would be a requirement to guard against potentially asymptomatic guests, to ensure upmost safety and protection for production staff and other contestants. Asking contestants to self isolate before appearing on these game shows seems fraught with risk.

    I agree perception is important however if measures are taken (eg testing), I really don’t see the issue with the image. Personally I would feel comfortable appearing on FF with Grant, not socially distanced if tested beforehand. Grant seems to be comfortable and not worried.

  2. Looks like Grant standing a distance behind them all, trick photography like they were using on neighbours to restart shooting earlier than the otherwise could have.

  3. If you look at the photo you will see that Grant Denyer is exactly 1.5m shorter than the contestants so social distancing is being adhered to.

    Crisis averted.

  4. >> Not convinced about the social distancing in this photo… can we please do better? <<

    Well, if the family live in the same household they can be as cosy as they like.

    As for the real physical distancing – standing together briefly for quickly taken photographs does not a close contact make.

      • David – you’re not talking to Jack Finsterer. Standing there for the photograph does not qualify as close contact.

        Close contacts are people who we’ve had face-to-face contact with for more than 15 minutes in total over the course of 1 week. For example, having 3 chats of 5 minutes each over 7 days is considered 15 minutes’ total contact. You’re also a close contact if you’ve shared a closed space for more than 2 hours with someone.

        Practise good hand and respiratory hygience, and keep 1.5 metres distance from others wherever and whenever possible. No handshakes, hugs or kisses; stay home if you are sick; get tested if you have symptoms.

        • to TV or not to TV

          Dr_Rudi, I agree with your definition of close contact however as we learn more about this virus, we are finding activities such as singing, cheering etc can cause virus particles to linger in the air and potentially spread droplets further than 1.5m, dependant on conditions. We can agree that FF is a boisterous show. Physical distancing is important for these reasons on game shows so, for me, the image is problematic is no testing is carried out beforehand. In addition, even if the family live in the household does not mean they can be as cosy as they like on the show. As I mentioned in a previous comment, asymptomatic people are an issue.

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