Offspring fans in turmoil after finale

"This seems like a forever ending," gasp devastated fans of Offspring.

2014-08-07_0017Devastated Offspring fans are united in despair today that last night’s finale was “clearly the last episode,” despite TEN and Producers confirming they are in discussion for more of the hit drama.

The finality of the episode, which finished with a family photo on baby Zoe’s birthday, included loving close-ups of all the central characters and a fond glimpse of Patrick’s ghost by Nina Proudman.

Storylines for Nina, Billie, family and friends were all satisfactorily resolved.

“Yes, Zoe, this is your family. And it’s always going to be like this,” Nina conceded.

It was enough to tip fans over the edge on social media.

Even tweets from creator Debra Oswald had a ring of finality:

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  1. it really was a beautiful episode last night. If that was the end well at least it ended nicely. The only thing wrong with that photo was alfie was missing. Darcy is holding his son.

    I love how mick came back and I wasnt sure if I liked Nina telling Leo just to throw themselves into a relationship one the day she is mouring the anniversary of her partner but Leo is a cool character. Bit it was nice when Patrick made an appearance.

    The photo at the end was a good ending.

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