TEN wins first week in 4 years, Nine lands third.

Ratings: TEN gets the best birthday gift of all as it grabs a ratings win from Seven & Nine.

2014-08-03_2219While cutting their 50th birthday cake, viewers have delivered TEN the present the network could hope for.

It has won its first ratings week in 4 years.

The prize comes as a result of the MasterChef Australia, the Commonwealth Games and Offspring combo.

Seven came second and Nine was pushed to third place.

TEN: 27.3
Seven: 26.8
Nine: 25.2
ABC: 15.8
SBS: 4.8

The last time TEN won a ratings week was in July 2010 in the run up to the season 2 MasterChef finale. It is also 5 years since Nine landed in 3rd place (Seven took a third place in July 2010).

The win came in with ONE’s bumper share thanks to the Commonwealth Games week. At a huge 8% share, ONE’s audience was bigger than all three SBS channels combined. Of course like Olympics those numbers are traditionally separated from end of year figures because advertisers base their rates on non-event programming.

MasterChef topped the week with the Winner Announced: 1.7m. Offspring was TEN’s next best brand at 846,000. Glasgow Live hit as high as 721,000 and The Bachelor launched to 692,000.

Seven News (1.16m) was best for Seven then The X Factor (Sun: 1.12m) and Home and Away (876,000).

Nine News (Sun: 1.3m) was Nine’s strongest performer on its primary channel. The Block was 1.00m on Tuesday then Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America (985,000).

Grand Designs (987,000) led ABC then ABC News (Sun: 879,999) and Father Brown (788,000).

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (464,000), Heston’s Great British Food (361,000) and Destination Flavour Down Under (328,000).

Primary Channel:
Seven: 18.4
Nine: 17.9
TEN: 16.5
ABC: 11.8
SBS ONE: 4.0

ONE: 8.0
7TWO: 4.5
GO!: 4.1
7mate: 4.0
GEM: 3.2
ABC2: 2.5
ABC News 34: 0.9
ABC3: 0.7
SBS 2: 0.7
NITV: 0.1

TEN also won the three key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 (Seven ranked third in all 3).

TEN won Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Seven won Thursday and Saturday. Nine won Tuesday and Friday. TEN also bettered Nine on Saturday.

TEN won the week in Melbourne and Brisbane. Seven took Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Sydney. TEN also eclipsed Nine in every city except Sydney.

In further ratings news, Timeshifted results have now given Week 31’s tie to Seven.

Final figures are:

Seven: 27.7
Nine: 27.3
TEN: 23.3
ABC: 15.3
SBS: 6.0

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Commonwealth Games….well done TEN…
    As for putting it on Foxtel…only small number of people have pay TV.,,,and I am not one of them.

  2. Ten did so well and so happy for them But they have screwed the promotion of 2nd half offerings. I hardly ever noticed promotions for Ten during the games, 7 do this very well but Ten suck at it.

  3. Big news for Ten! I enjoyed the special last night, reinforced my belief that networks could do two of these flashback specials a year and rate well. People love a walk down memory lane!
    Although, did anybody catch the promo for the special in the final ad break (came on at 8.25pm, for a show that started at 6.30!)?

  4. Well done, Ten. Well deserved. A good confidence booster for the struggling network.

    They know where the holes in the schedule are – it’s time for them to recapture the spirit of yesteryear as brilliantly highlighted in last night’s 50th birthday special and develop some bold, new programming.

    The Australian viewing public seem ready for something new.

  5. Yes I agree on Hamish And Andy they were good for the Euro Gap Year and The Asian one but this one seems not needed and I have not been watching as it s the same stuff. Channel Nine need to get Hamish And Andy to do something new in a new format like them doing pranks or something like they did on TEN and make it a special like Caravan Of Courage. The series seems too long and boring this time.

    Good job on TEN winning the ratings week for the first time in a while but without Masterchef and The commonwealth games I am afraid we will see the lazy programming that they do like the Biggest Loser and The Bachelor. Hopefully I am wrong.

  6. Congratulations ten 🙂

    Don’t know if this has been said elsewhere, but their top ten in their special last night must have only been filled out by those 35 and under. No, No. 96 in the their Top 10?

  7. @davodavo666: Don’t get your hope up about My Amazing Race Rules tonight, I doubt it will be back to basics with this planned rivalry added on the commercials.

    Tens birthday special was good last night, except Peter Hellier who continues to show that he’s not funny.

  8. Let’s not forget that Ten paid a lot of money for the Comm Games. Well done to them, but now that and Masterchef are over, it’ll probably be back to third or fourth place for them.

  9. Maybe nine will finally drop the endless Big Bang repeats and painful flogging of The Voice, even Hamish and Andy is getting a bit repetitive this time around. Ten wins with the classic sport, drama and refreshed realty show combo. Looking forward to the Amazing Race tonight, refreshed and back to basics with Grant Bowler. Although 9-11pm isn’t going to be good for children?

  10. Well it sure gives ch10 a boost. 4 years is a long time and primarily due to disasterous programming. So they have a day or 2 to celebrate.

    Now,,,,is it the start of a turn around that is sustainable or will they revert back to a slump?

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