1. I really like Jamie Oliver also…been a fan since the beginning….but there is only so many ways you can cook lamb or dress a lettuce….TEN has really over worked the Jamie thing….well for me.

  2. I love Jamie Oliver so I watch anything he does 🙂
    I’m not watching the current “NCIS” because they are repeats. Patiently waiting for the new series.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @Jason – there’s nothing wrong with French engineering – Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Dassault Mirage, Millau Viaduct.

    I believe that the joke says that in Hell the French are waiters while it is Italians who are the engineers. Having driven both Italian and German machinery I can confirm that there is some basis to that particular stereotype.

  4. They are averages and made up of people coming and going.

    NCIS does pick up viewers for Ten after their 7:30pm shows, but they will mostly be viewers over 55 most of whom weren’t watching The Project earlier.

    Seven and Nine News have large audiences spread across many demographics. They want as many viewers as possible to stay with their 7:30pm shows instead of swapping over to another network. But those 7:30pm shows like The Block and The X Factor are picking up many younger viewers that didn’t watch earlier shows as well. 72 and GEM provide shows for older viewers to flick over to for those who don’t like the talent shows.

  5. As for “Jamie’s etc.”, as the joke goes, ‘In Hell the British are the cooks, the French are the engineers and the Germans are the Police, whereas in Heaven…(British Police, French cooks, German engineers).

  6. I want to know where Recipe To Riches has gone. It was already airing this time last year, it commenced in the final week of August. Due to it being a joint venture with Woolworths, I’d expect that Woolworths has arranged the delay due to supply issues, that’s the only possible explanation, as surely TEN want to air it ASAP to have more new Aus content and quota points.
    I noticed that last year’s winner ‘Chocorn’ was only release for a very limited time when it was finally available this year. I only saw it for a couple of weeks in my Woolworths, which is a large store, then it was gone. Can only hope they have changed the way they decide the winner, as there were much better products and debate about the format of the deciding vote.

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