Axed: Derek to end with special

Ricky Gervais confirms the final instalment for retirement home carer, Derek Noakes.

2012-12-25_2106Ricky Gervais has confirmed Derek will come to an end with one final Special.

In a blog post about the making of new David Brent ‘documentary’ Life On The Road, he said, “I did toy with a third series, particularly after the Emmy nod, but I decided to stick to my usual formula of two series and a special.”

Speaking to Radio Times earlier this year, Gervais had said wanted to end the story with more, before revealing it’s the “first time ever” he had considered extending his usual format: “I don’t think I’ll ever need to pay for anything myself. I think [Channel 4] would give me a third series if I wanted it if I’m being quietly confident.”

Gervais is resurrecting The Office‘s David Brent for Life On The Road as “a travelling salesman engaged in a belated bid for rock stardom.”

Derek Season 2 will premiere on Australia on BBC First on Friday October 10.


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  1. Yes, a real shame.
    Agree with @Kristi – also loved Derek and a real shame there won’t be a third season.
    Such a gentle, perceptive almost wistful show.
    Really displayed Ricky’s softer side – he is very clever.
    But probably best not to drag it out for longer than a couple of seasons.

    Really look forward to the return of David Brent in Life On The Road though.
    Enjoy all of Ricky’s projects – have always been a big fan

  2. Such a shame! I loved Derek and was looking forward to a new season. Really beautiful show, gentle humour with a lot of soul.

    Should it be called ‘axed’ though since Ricky made the decision to only do a special rather than a third season?

    1. “Axed” doesn’t only mean “axed by a network.” It’s clear in the story that it was Ricky’s decision to end it. My site also uses phrases such as Axed, Renewed, Bumped, Gone, Update, Airdate, Returning to help with archive and search purposes. It’s harder to search for “the time when Ricky Gervais decided to call it quits on Derek.”

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