Did X Factor just borrow from Rising Star?

txfrisThey say in television there are only 7 ideas.

Last night The X Factor announced a new one, but it sounds dangerously close to one that comprises a large gimmick of another: Rising Star.

Host Luke Jacobz told viewers their social media images and icons could now appear in the show itself, as a large video wall lit up with a grid of faces similar to those used on Facebook and Twitter.

Israel’s Rising Star talent show, which incorporates a huge video wall separating performer from audience, lights up with social media faces as viewers respond with real time voting.

The show has since rolled out in numerous territories including on the US ABC network.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.04.34 pm.jpg

Nine has the rights for the Australian format through Keshet Australia, headed up by David Haslingden (also a Nine Entertainment Co. chairman), but it isn’t clear if it will proceed with the show despite speculation it could comprise part of its 2015 schedule.

Seven could be trying to head off the move by hitting the market first with a video wall, to negate the gimmick of Rising Star should it eventually arrive. Or maybe it just thought it was a nifty idea to include anyway. Despite very strong X Factor talent this year, its numbers have been softer than 2013.

Last night’s show also deserves special mention for Natalie Bassingthwaighte fronting up during an obvious time of distress, following the tragic death of agent Mark Byrne.


  1. I do agree with maxxdude to some extent. Seven does have a nasty streak of ” borrowing” ideas. Like running programs late or shifting shows around.

  2. They have done this from week one called the fan factor. You vote for your favourite contestants and as long as you sync with facebook you have a chance to get your picture (avatar) on the show. So it doesn’t follow the way Rising Star does.

  3. I could be mistaken, but I think I remember they’ve done this before in other performance shows this year. Pointless idea I think, having your picture flash up on a screen for a few seconds, but I guess some people would get a kick out of seeing their pic on TV.

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