Returning: Lost Girl

Canadian fantasy-noir series returns to SBS 2 on Monday night.

2014-09-25_2102Canadian fantasy-noir series Lost Girl returns to SBS 2 on Monday night.

However these are episode from 2011, yet to play on Free to Air.

“Something Wicked This Fae Comes”
Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo, a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. In the second series, Bo continues to battle with supernatural forces in the Fae world while discovering more about her identity as a Fae. In tonight’s series return, following the arrival of an eerie circus freak show, a strange and gruesome murder draws Bo and Kenzi into an investigation that leads them to suspect the work of the Dark Fae. And when Dyson returns after going missing for several weeks, Bo learns that things will never be the same between them.

9:30pm Monday SBS 2.

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  1. It is a strange timeslot. Like someone wants to prove it will hardly anything.

    It starts during The Blacklist and runs against AOS, with no repeat later in the week. It is competing with The Witches of East End for both demographic and as a female oriented B grade fantasy show. And it clashes with on of SBS other first run US shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  2. @MuchoTB
    If you accept that it is B grade fantasy with some sex in it then it is fun.

    S1 rated badly and missed the target demographic, the only ads SBS was able to sell in it were for Ashley and Martin.

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