2.76m Block auction was no fizzer for Nine

Ratings: A night of high drama nets Nine their biggest single audience of the year, but Seven stays in the race thanks to Bathurst.

block5644The Block: The Winner Announced has netted Nine its biggest single audience of the year at a whopping 2.76m viewers.

Nine strategically divided the show into 3 parts with the Auction at 2.33m and Grand Final (which was presumably the first hour) at 1.8m viewers. These will be adjusted to 2.77m / 2.32m / 1.79m.

It makes the show one of the biggest audiences of the year, higher than NRL Grand Final (2.6m), My Kitchen Rules Grand Final (2.6m) and State of Origin (2.58m) on metro audiences.

It was a night of overruns with Seven’s Bathurst also running late and pushing shows back by some 40 minutes. That kept Seven in the game in terms of network share for the night, but numbers have not yet been adjusted accordingly.

Nine network won the night with 36.7%, Seven 31.6%, TEN 13.9%, ABC 12.2% and SBS 5.6%.

Aside from The Block‘s bumper finale, Gotham premiered to 1.24m / 896,000. Nine News was 1.05m.

In preliminary figures Seven News was 1.99m, Bathurst was 1.78m / 1.56m / 1.22m,  The X Factor was 1.19m, Sunday Night was 1.09m and Castle was 776,000 / 540,000. But numbers will be adjusted to Seven News (1.5m), Bathurst Race (1.35m / 784,000 / 587,000), The X Factor ( 1.13m), Sunday Night 984,000 and Castle 578,000 / 526,000. Seven indicates the final ten minutes of Bathurst coverage averaged 2.3 million.

Nine and Seven both made things tough for other networks but both actually saw some rises compared to those competing with last week’s NRL Grand Final.

TEN’s best was Modern Family (461,000 / 368,000), Scorpion (415,000), NCIS: New Orleans (410,000), TEN Eyewitness News (338,000), Bondi Rescue (214,000) and FIA Formula One was 210,000 in 2 cities (127,000 on ONE).

ABC News was 775,000, The Code was 578,000, Doctor Who was 526,000 / 91,000, Compass was 350,000 and Mad Dogs was 219,000.

On SBS ONE it was Stonehenge Empire (289,000), Twilight of Civilisations (283,000), SBS World News (162,000) and Corman’s World (93,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country (260,000 / 238,000) led multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 12 October 2014

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  1. Bathurst is the only race without time certain requirements (the limiting factor is essentially light). Could you imagine the uproar if the race had to be ended at a certain time due to the news ? The ratings that the channel broadcasting the race get if it does run “over time” are greater than what they get for the news anyway so it is actually in their interest if it runs overtime.

  2. Normally there is a time-certain finish at Bathurst, usually at 5.15pm to avoid any clashes with the news. However, for some reason (whether oversight or agreement with Channel 7) this year it was removed from the regulations.

  3. I’m really suprised The Block is still doing so well considering how much Nine have milked the brand with 2 seasons a year. If only they had put half of that effort into launching some more original programming after 8.30pm with The Block as a lead in rather than Big Bang repeats, recycled movies and back to back reality shows.

  4. @hoin
    Completely disagree, v8s had the right to remain on channel 7. It is the biggest race of the year, the ratings were much higher than x-factor. V8s rarely/ once a year, affect tv shows time slots and is probably a one off. Don’t really see it as a problem

    The v8s did not affect Adelaide’s time zone (they said it was going to be close) ,the race finished on 6:00 on the dot and the podium was pushed to 7mate
    It was a great race

  5. Scorpion is on at the perfect time. My kids have been watching it in the States and think it’s terrific. I reckon it’s a bit like Bionic Man was for my generation. I hope 10 keep it there.

  6. the block sky high grand final (2013) had 2.808 million viewers. fans vs faves grand final (2014) had 2.181 million viewers. the block glasshouse grand final had 2.764 million viewers. @Viewer

  7. Seven were right to stay with the V8s – absolutely great race and finish, even though I’m a Holden man I’m glad somebody knocked Jamie Wincup off his high horse, and I’m glad it was Ford too.

    To be fair Seven did get Beretta to state throughout the last half hour or so, that 7 would be continuing coverage though until the end and had the graphic run across the bottom of the screen reinforcing that.

    Anyone complaining you obviously didn’t watch the gripping run to the finish line.

  8. I don’t understand why all of the numbers for Seven’s programs have been adjusted down, some by a lot. Surely with program over-runs, any adjustment is effectively a transfer of numbers from one program to another so, if one program “loses” audience, another must gain?

    Was there some other issue with the recording of the data?

  9. Aren’t 7 obliged to show all of the Bathurst 1000 due to it being on the anti-siphoning list? No surprise at all 7 did the right thing and continued the coverage. After all, the Bathurst 1000 outrated anything else that was on 7 yesterday!

    Also, surely the time has come for the share % to be expanded for 6pm-midnight? I think that noon-midnight would be a fairer representation. Not every high-rating TV show is on during this 6pm-midnight block….

  10. @Hoin, Bathurst is subject to anti-siphoning so, at the moment, cannot be moved to the non-main channels. As soon as the race proper finished, 7 transferred to Mate because that was the earliest they were legally allowed.

    Not to mention, keeping it going on the main channel was a ratings boon and cruelled the ratings of 9 News. X-Factor was never going to be able to pull the kind of ratings an exciting Bathurst could.

  11. We were disgusted we had to wait for X Factor due to that stupid Bathurst race running over time. As soon as 6PM arrived, the Bathurst race should have been bumped to 7mate and the news and X Factor should have been screened as scheduled. I’ve heard that the rights to V8 Supercars has moved to TEN from next year, so if it can be quarantined over there we will no longer have to put up with favourite shows like X Factor and Sydney Weekender being pulled and delayed to accommodate rev-head crap.

  12. I only ever watch the final hour of the block throughout the whole series, all the endless promos introduce the characters and I cannot be bothered with the day to day fakeality tv nonesense. But the final hour when the properties are auctioned is when reality finally kicks in and it is compelling viewing.
    After the first 2 got such huge profits the greed was visible in the eyes of the remaining 3 couples and it was so funny watching greed turn to grief when their auctions fizzled….nicely done ch9

  13. Ahhh, so it was Bathurst that pushed back 7’s programming. I just thought they were trying to strategize against the over-run for ‘The Block’.

    It was oh so frustrating though, as I wanted to watch The Code, Castle and Gotham. I didn’t think I could as all had portions programmed into the 8:30-9:30 segment. But that never ended up being the case (Castle started at 10:00, noy 9:20).

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