1. Maev....Sydney

    @ nik c ….and I agree also…I do not watch Arrow…but have quit so many shows I would like to watch…because I will not play the ‘chase the program’ game….it just takes all the viewing pleasure away.

  2. Could channel 9 bump Arrow to a multi channel and just start season 2 again? Why bother getting the rights to the show when you’ve treated it like this? Totally appalling. 7 has treated Agents of Shield badly as well.

  3. David what does ‘Studio 10: 60,000 / 38,000’ mean? Does that mean 60k for first hour and 38k for the second or 60 on one multi-channel and 38 on the other at the same time.

  4. Dancing with the Stars is only rating so well because 9 and 10 aren’t providing strong alternatives. Getting Mark for I’m a Celebrity would be a boon.

  5. Nik C – I watch almost no Drama shows as they air any more for exactly that reason. If the networks want the ratings , then give us a little consistency.

    They aren’t getting any Ad revenue from me, I either download from itunes or DVD all my drama shows.

  6. I was lucky to have checked my EPG since Arrow did not start until 11:44.

    Another show that I will give up, if I can follow it until the end of Season 2.
    It has become quite dark and the Wed timeslot last year with Origin interruptions followed by the ridiculous late Tuesday slot on and off with Doubles and singles, makes it a painful experience.
    Note to TV stations I am watching less and less TV since you make it a difficult experience!!

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