Neighbours vs Zombies: trailer

2014-10-24_2320Former cast members of Neighbours will return to Ramsay Street in a Halloween-themed webisode, Neighbours vs Zombies.

Returning from the ‘dead’ are Dan Paris as Drew Kirk, Ben Nicholas as Stingray Timmins, Kevin Harrington as David Bishop and Aaron Jakubanko as Robbo Slade.

Current cast members include Ryan Moloney, Jackie Wooburne, Josef Brown, Alan Fletcher, Eve Morey, Jenna Rosenow, Stefan Dennis and Calen Mackenzie, with a special guest appearance by Taylor Glockner.

The five-part series will also feature behind-the-scenes updates from local YouTube content creator, Louna Maroun, who also has a role, and is funded by Screen Australia’s Skip Ahead scheme.

Fun idea, so congrats to all involved!

The webisode series will air from Monday, October 27 at


  1. @sillygostly: this isn’t a Neighbours/Fremantle production. It was funded through a competition and the winner was able to work with the show to create her own spin off. If Louna had not won, this wouldn’t have happened. You can check out her YouTube channel for more about how it happened.

  2. I don’t get why they’re wasting their money on a web series when they could have just made this a regular full-length episode.

    An annual non-canonical Treehouse of Horror style episode could be a nice change of pace for the show.

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