Record-breaking NRL Grand Final for Nine

Ratings: Once numbers are adjusted, Nine's numbers for the NRL Grand Final will be the highest in OzTAM history.

2014-10-06_1002A whopping 2.45m viewers watched South Sydney Rabbitohs thrash Canterbury Bulldogs in the NRL Grand Final – up on 2013’s preliminary audience of 2.18m, and 2012’s 2.42m.

But the numbers will go even higher once adjusted for overruns, expected to snare 2.6m -which would make it the highest-ever NRL Grand Final in OzTAM figures and one of the biggest audiences of the year.

In Sydney alone there were 1.13m viewers glued to the match in which Russell Crowe’s team snatched their first title in 43 years. Another 584,000 watched in Brissy and 475,000 in Melbourne.

Those numbers, which don’t include groups viewing in clubs and bars, will go higher still with Regional viewers -expected to settle at 3.95m.

Nine was the only game in town with the nearest a rival could touch being Seven’s Sunday Night at 1.01m viewers.

Nine network share was a huge 43.1% then Seven 24.9%, TEN 15.1%, ABC 11.2% and SBS 5.7%.

Aside from Grand Final numbers, Nine News was 1.33m and Big Brother was 867,000 in preliminary numbers. With the NRL running overtime those will need to be adjusted.

Following Sunday Night (1.01m) for Seven were Seven News (903,000), The X Factor (874,000) and Mrs. Brown’s Boys (608,000 / 448,000).

It was a tough night for other broadcasters. TEN could not rise above the half a million mark with Modern Family (436,000 / 428,000), Movie: Taken 2 (432,000), Scorpion (412,000) and TEN Eyewitness News (318,000).

ABC News was 644,000 for ABC then The Code (477,000), Doctor Who (447,000 / 67,000), Compass (302,000), Midsomer Murders (276,000) and Mad Dogs (225,000).

The Twilight of Civilisations (277,000) topped SBS ONE then Robin Williams Remembered (228,000 – numbers indicate it deserved a better timeslot), Rome: What Lies Beneath (212,000) and the rescheduled Where is Flight MH370? (177,000).

ONE’s coverage of the FIA Formula One was best on multichannels at 400,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 5 October 2014

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  1. I watched F! and it ran over..but appreciate that TEN did not cut it off although it was not an enjoyable watch at least they let it play out…awful accident….and yes Greg Rust and Allan Jones handled it well….they are a big part of my normal enjoyment of watching F1…hang on to them TEN…they are an asset……my opinion.
    I watched Scorpion on TENplay today…
    Really pleased the Bunnies won!

  2. I can only comment on the Perth Coverage but I have 2 major complaints one which is as some other people mentioned the Post match celebrations had been committed. Surely they could have put that on Gem at worst.

    The other complaint was ads during the game, during actual play.

    So I have to say CH7’s coverage of the AFL final was far superior.

  3. Excellent rating for an excellent game. Still not sure what Slash was doing out there, looked like over the top air guitar but anyway…….. 😉
    As for those who once again complaining about sport one must wonder why you even post on something that doesn’t interest you !

  4. Not one of Nine’s better coverages . Seemed very disjointed and the commercial breaks really took from the atmosphere. And the constant focus on Sams injury was really off putting.

  5. I was so disappointed 9Perth they cut the broadcast right after the game finished and went to a 15 minute news bulletin and then Matt+Kim to the Rescue

    And they didn’t even mention South Sydney’s win in any news updates.

  6. Its a pity we can’t get rural ratings for the NRL GF. Newcastle, Canberra, Townsville and the like would have posted huge ratings in their areas particularly when league is said to have a stronger following in rural NSW and QLD.

  7. The Mrs wanted to watch Sunday Night last night for the story on the burnt lady, but it was appaulling last night – yes I realised we needed a recap as to what happened to her, but to play the whole story from 2 years ago? Then an ad break. Then a bit about her recovery. Then another ad break until finally we came to to the reveal. That story was so unnecessarily drawn out (in typical Sunday Night fashion) that I thought it would be another 2 years before we actually saw her new face. Very poor form Channel 7.

  8. Weren’t the AFL figures higher than the NRL? which would have been good saying that the AFL was played during the day when people were out or on school holidays and the NRL at night when more people were at home.

  9. Nice to see F1 back on ONE and in HD, nice numbers too, nearly Tens top rating programme. Also have to say that Rusty and AJ handled the whole situation regarding Jules Bianchi’s accident rather well and were dignified and respectful throughout and didn’t speculate at all.

  10. It’s a shame nine cut as soon as the siren sounded in Perth and Adelaide, missed history.

    The whole pregame entertainment production was far superior to what the afl dished up last week.

    Burgess playing with a broken jaw for the whole game was courageous and fitting with sattler doing the same 44 years ago.

  11. Absolutely fantastic figure, the NRL Grand Final always rates well but this is right up there. It really caught people’s imagination this year, with Souths going for their first title in 43 years which explains the huge figure in Sydney.

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