Where is Reality Check when we need it?

Bachelor proposals, Block Auctions, Mark Holden dancing -where the hell is Reality Check?

2014-09-08_2213Hey Tom Ballard….. could you have picked a worse time to be off air with Reality Check?

There have been more stories worth discussion since the ABC show has been off air than when it was on. Talk about bad timing.

For example:

The disastrous Bachelor proposal and the way it was handled by everybody concerned.

The uneven Block Auction and whether it’s a letdown for the audience, or pure Reality at its best.

Mark Holden’s outrageous performance on Dancing with the Stars. WTF?

Whether X Factor judges are voting to protect their own contestants, or saving the best performers. Also debating ‘sexualisation’ of contestants.

TV Host turned marriage celebrant Scott Cam operating a camera drone and possibly breaching aviation laws.

Dating Naked. Just the whole damned thing (yes I think they touched on this some time ago, but now it’s landed here).

Four Corners ‘endorsing’ The Biggest Loser.

And that’s before we get to The Big Adventure, which is bound to ignite its own stories.

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  1. David, I agree with you that those are the sort of stories that Reality Check should have been doing but, as Pertinax says, that wasn’t how the show was set up.

    Given that it had very luke-warm ratings, if it gets another crack, perhaps they will consider modifying its format to examine current/recent stories. They could get rid of the pointless fake or real segment for starters.

  2. They have based it on funny footage they can cull from around the world and general ideas from the past their guests can talk about.

    It’s isn’t a weekly talent show update and even if it tried that it is is only on for a few weeks and is going to miss most of what happens anyway.

    I never really sure the point of it because the whole point of talent shows is that people are interested in the specifics of what happens, when it happens and not how to produce one in general

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