Four Corners: June 24

When things go wrong in IVF, who holds fertility clinics to account?

Monday’s Four Corners report “When IVF goes wrong” sees Grace Tobin investigate mistakes in the lab and couples fighting back against the corporate giants.

“People need to know … this is the company you’re getting into bed with.”

One in every 18 births in Australia is now a result of IVF. It’s a multi-million-dollar industry creating ‘miracle babies’.

But when things go wrong, who is holding these fertility clinics to account?

Four Corners reporter Grace Tobin investigates incidents of the wrong sperm being used to conceive children, a serial donor with potentially 700 offspring, and a lab contamination that destroyed precious embryos.

She meets the women and their partners fighting back against the corporate giants – teaming up to get access to their own medical information and going to whatever lengths it takes to force clinics to put patients before profits.

Monday 24 June at 8:30pm on ABC.

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