Airdate: Henry Danger

The man behind Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh, has a new show about a superhero and his apprentice.

2014-11-29_0027Dan Schneider, the man behind hit tween shows Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh, has a new show on the way: Henry Danger.

The series follows the adventures of Henry Hart (Jace Norman – The Thundermans, Jessie), who is selected by superhero Captain Man (Cooper Barnes – Pair of Kings, Escape from Planet Earth) to be his apprentice.

After promising to keep his new identity a secret, Henry must navigate a double life, balancing the challenges of eighth grade with the crazy adventures of a crime fighter.

The series produced in the US in July and has been approved for a second season.

In the movie-length series premiere, Henry discovers that being a superhero’s sidekick is much harder than he thought. Henry desperately struggles to balance the demands of his schoolwork, family responsibilities and new job as Kid Danger – all whilst keeping his crime fighting alter ego a secret from his best friends: Charlotte (Riele Downs), Jasper (Sean Ryan Fox) and younger sister Piper (Ella Anderson). When Henry’s life begins to crumble under the pressure, Captain Man offers Henry the use of an amazing new device that solves Henry’s problems…at first. But unfortunately at a high cost…which Henry discovers at school the next day.

Kid fans can follow Henry’s whole world online at www.nickelodeon.com.au and enjoy personalised, interactive experiences with games, pictures and a series of motion comics. They will have the opportunity to: be interviewed by Captain Man for the position of superhero sidekick; complete a test to find out their sidekick personality; and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes content with the cast to learn all about the next generation of Nick stars both on and off the screen.

5pm Saturday, 17 January on Nickelodeon.

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