Cameras roll on new Sammy J and Randy comedy

ABC's 2015 comedy may just take the odd couple to a whole new level....

2014-11-22_0030Filming is underway on ABC’s six-part narrative comedy series Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane.

Written by and starring Sammy J and Randy (Wednesday Night Fever) the show is described as ‘an obsessive, socially inept and altogether hopeless junior lawyer scrambling to hold onto his last ounce of dignity while clinging to the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. Meanwhile his slovenly housemate Randy has seen the world from all angles. He’s an opinionated, unemployed opportunist, desperately trying to win back the affections of his glamorous ex-wife.’

Both are also prone to burst into song at any given moment.

The cast also includes Nathan Lovejoy (This is Littleton, At Home with Julia), Georgia Chara (Wentworth, Home and Away) and Samantha Healy (Mrs Biggs, McLeod’s Daughters) with guests Genevieve Morris, Wilbur Wilde and Anne Phelan.

Sticky Pictures Producer Donna Andrews says “I’m thrilled to be kicking off production on Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane. The series is a brilliant comedy, a daring musical, a groundbreaking concept and it has a puppet in it. Honestly, there is nothing like it!”

ABC TV Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski says “I have no idea how this got commissioned, but rest assured we’re looking into it.”

Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane will be filmed on location over the next five weeks in Melbourne, directed by Jonathan Brough (It’s a Date series 1 & 2).

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