Candice Wyatt joins TEN News desk

2014-11-16_1117Two years after sacking Helen Kapalos, TEN is adding a co-presenter to its TEN Eyewitness News promoting reporter Candice Wyatt.

Wyatt, who joined TEN in 2010, presents with Stephen Quartermain from today, along with an updated news set.

“I am thrilled to be joining the TEN Eyewitness News desk alongside Stephen. After 11 years as a reporter covering some of Australia’s most gripping stories, presenting Melbourne’s 5pm news bulletin is a natural step forward and I cannot wait to begin the next chapter in my career, she said.

Stephen Quartermain said: “Candice is a good old-fashioned, hard-nosed journo. It’s a significant moment in her career and for the evolution of TEN Eyewitness News. I’m looking forward to working alongside her.”

TEN News Director, John Choueifate, added: “Candice was raised in Warrnambool and knows and loves Melbourne and Victoria. A policeman’s daughter, she has great contacts and has a connection with viewers. She has covered major stories such as the Victorian bushfires, the tragic death of Jill Meagher and the release of Schapelle Corby. Her new role will still involve some reporting.

“At TEN, we think it is important to promote from within whenever we can. We have also built a bigger news set and I’m excited by the new look. Candice and Stephen will be a great combination.”


  1. The sacking of Helen Kapalos was absolutely insane when Ten knew Mal Walden would retire soon. Ten should have kept a doubleheader in Melbourne and then replaced Mal. Stephen is a great sports broadcaster but he really struggles as a newsreader.

  2. Good to have Candice Wyatt working with Stephen Quartermain in the Ten Eyewitness News Desk. I think she could demonstrate some chemistry with Quartermain to increase more viewers in Melbourne.

  3. Hopefully these two can show some chemistry together and can gain some viewers.

    Good move by TEN to reintroduce a female co-anchor as this differentiates them from the other news services. But there has to be an enjoyable chemistry on screen…..even if it is the news. We have not seen any on air news team come close to the David Johnston and Jo Pearson of the 1980’s on ten Melbourne.

    Candice is a good choice and her reporting in Bali the day Corby was released was incredibly impressive.

    This decision should help Quartermain too.

    But again guys….Sow us some personality….There is enough doom and gloom in the news as it is….so when there is a opportunity to go off autcoue…do it!

    Give viewers a reason to watch.

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