Jenna Coleman may stay on with Doctor Who into 2015

Has Jenna Coleman had a change of heart about leaving Doctor Who?

2014-11-29_0042Jenna Coleman’s role with Doctor Who looks set to continue into 2015, with suggestions the actress has had a “change of heart” about leaving.

The BBC is remaining tight-lipped abut rumours suggesting Coleman had intended to leave during this year’s Christmas special, but later decided to continue alongside current Doctor Peter Capaldi and causing a rewrite of the script.

It’s now being suggested she will appear in the first half of series nine, to be broadcast next Spring.

“This is speculation so we won’t be commenting,” a BBC spokesperson told RadioTimes.com. “Viewers will have to watch the Christmas episode to find out!”

Rumours of Coleman’s departure have been circling for months, with the actress herself doing nothing to quell speculation.

“I’ve just been keeping my mouth firmly shut,” the 28-year-old said earlier this month.

One source said the original draft of the Christmas special saw Clara become an old woman who then died with the Doctor at her side, but they were rewritten.

Coleman is currently seen in ABC’s Death Comes to Pemberley.

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  1. Might be like Amy & Rory why they left mid season. I like Jenna and Clara has been great even if some don’t like her with the new Doctor.

    I do wonder if they had to do a rewrite just how far along the process they were for hiring a replacement?

    Just a month to go for the xMas special, can’t wait!

    BTW guys there were some great behind the scenes stuff with Russell who said have modern series is more about the companions and there times with the Doctor.

  2. I think Capaldi has been given a fair go. I can only speak about the modern series but in that time the story’s always been from the companion’s point of view. After all she is the audience.

    I think Capaldi’s doctor has taken longer to figure out, both by the audience and by the writers, but towards the end of the season I felt like Capaldi & the writers found their groove.

  3. Why should Coleman quell speculation, especially when it was true? She has correctly said absolutely nothing as she pointed out.

    It was someone else in the production who leaked the fact to the UK Telegraph.

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