More Attenborough for ABC

2014-11-01_0121He must be the most ‘network agnostic’ personality on television, appearing on ABC, Nine and TEN, but there’s more David Attenborough on the way.

ABC has bought the three part David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies, which airs in the UK at Christmas.

Nine’s Life series, currently playing mid week, was filmed in 2009 and has played in repeat on ABC.

Earlier this year, ABC channel controller Brendan Dahill told TV Tonight, “He’s only pretending to be on the other two channels. All of them should be on the ABC. They’re just pretending they’ve got Attenborough.

“It’s only an Attenborough show where he’s in vision. The ones he’s just voicing are just a super-annuation slush fund.”

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