Nine bowls the competition over on Sunday

Ratings: T/20 Cricket gives the night to Nine. Seven was doing well -until it hit The Big Adventure.

2014-11-10_1013It was no contest last night as Nine’s cricket coverage knocked Seven for a six, with nearly a 10% share over its rival for the night.

Seven was competitive until 8:30pm but things fell apart as The Big Adventure hit a new low -just 444,000 viewers. At this rate it’s not going to be pretty when the show hands out a $1 million prize.

Nine network share was 35.1% then Seven 25.5%, ABC 16.8%, TEN 16.6% and SBS 6.0%.

Nine News (1.17m) topped the night for Nine then Twenty 20 cricket (1.13m), The Embassy (636,000 in 3 cities). Movie: Hard to Kill was 411,000.

Sunday Night (1.03m) led the night for Seven then Seven News (978,000) and Surveillance Oz (932,000) but The Big Adventure flopped in its new timeslot on just 444,000 -fourth in its timeslot- leaving Resurrection on 245,000 and Castle with just 141,000.

ABC News (812,000) was best for ABC followed by Doctor Who‘s finale (620,000 / 96,000), Fleming: The Man who would be Bond (449,000), Compass (376,000). Doors Open was just 136,000.

Two repeat episodes of Modern Family were strongest on TEN at 565,000 / 558,000 then Scorpion (542,000), NCIS: New Orleans (512,000), The Graham Norton Show (351,000), TEN Eyewitness News (339,000) and Bondi Rescue (240,000).

Treasures of Ancient Rome (292,000) led for SBS ONE followed by Berlin Wall: Closing the Iron Curtain (248,000), Cold Case JFK (201,000) and SBS World News (266,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country was the best-ranked title on multichannels at 295,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 9 November 2014

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  1. Watched parts of the cricket and thought the addition of the female commentator was good amongst the same old voices. The problem is Australian cricket doesn’t seem to take 20 20 that seriously so there wasn’t much at stake. Its going to be a big summer of cricket with the world cup.

    Nice to see Kellie underwood filling in as host on offsiders again.

  2. Give some reality shows away, Big Brother, The Big Adventure, The Biggest looser, think people have had more than enough of them, get some good Australian drama’s and bring back some comedy which is really lacking from TV these days.

  3. $1m is a pretty standard prize for a contest show these days. It’s not that much compared to the cost of making the show, and the makeups Seven will have to offer advertisers to compensate for its dreadful performance will cost them more.

  4. David. Seven said that one in 12 would win except they keep voting everyone out by the time the finale comes you will have 4 left. Even poor people who have one a key get voted out and have to pass their key on. What a joke

  5. Didn’t watch a thing on tv last night. I went to the pub for dinner and not one person in there bothered to look at the screens for the cricket. I’m already over it, and summer hasn’t even begun!!

  6. The Big Adventure is a big flop akin to The Mole last year which ended its run at 11.30pm Wednesdays.

    Part of the problem is the way Seven produce these shows – too much of the contestants telling us what they just did and what they are about to do next, rather than let the story unfold without the studio pieces.

    Hope they learn – this is reflective in the results of your recent Poll on the subject.

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