1. Cannot stand the whole racing industry, just so barbaric. It’s very sad that these 2 horses died in the name of entertainment and gambling – the only good that can come out of it this is it is shining a light on the animal cruelty inherent in racing. Any ‘sport’ where the non consenting athletes are flogged to breaking point and routinely bleed in their lungs is disgusting. I hope the ratings are way down next year. And people start to think about what they are really ‘celebrating’.

  2. The Inspector

    I would be interested in knowing whether the numbers for 7.30 have dropped since the return of Leigh Sales. I know that I am not watching it very often as I am missing the determined questioning from Sarah Ferguson. It was ‘must watch TV’ when she was in the chair, since then it has become irrelevant with very ‘soft’ interviews.

  3. “………tinged with sadness” !!!

    How about: shocked, horrified, disgusted?
    As usual I avoided the race, but couldn’t miss the dreadful news of the deaths of the two horses.
    And for what?
    “the pleasure of 100,000 drunken halfwits”.

  4. Re The Melbourne Cup – As Bernard Keane pointed out on the Crikey website yesterday, even before the news that two of the runners in the Cup had died, there’s the plight of the “equine athletes … forced to take part in being flogged around a paddock for the pleasure of 100,000 drunken halfwits”.

  5. It should be noted that the new series of NCIS:LA has been getting huge numbers for a 9.30pm showing for the past month.

    No new NCIS next week, again a problem with fast tracking when US does not show it.

  6. I was expecting bigger figures for Studio 10 yesterday. It was celebrating a milestone, had less competition plus there was a holiday in Victoria.

  7. Seven News gets a boost because people look their for news and replays.

    There coverage was annoying they didn’t list the numbers for the minor placing, the dividends or correct weight. What short of racing coverage is that! They were only interested in keeping people with sweep or TAB tickets hanging around as long as possible for confirmation.

    The ABC news was very tabloid. They focused on the death of Admire Rakiti and promised the cause of death, but but only later in 7:30. What they had was a poor interview at the very end of 7:30 with no useful information. Didn’t help their numbers any.

  8. How is the figure for Studio 10 averaged? I assume it is the 9:30am portion, and then the 8:30am hour. Which segment is which?

    Seems numbers are steady 1 year in but it would be good to see it grow. A lot better than the other options on 7 and 9 at that time.

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